Introducing the AERGO Enterprise: OpenKeyChain

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BLOCKO, a private blockchain service provider has launched the AERGO OpenKeyChain.
A secure key-based blockchain authentication solution on the AERGO Mainnet.

OpenKeyChain has been around for quite some time as a blockchain based authentication solution on COINSTACK, prior to its upgrade onto AERGO. It was being used in several of BLOCKO’s deployments with major enterprise customers such as JB Bank and Lotte Card. You can find more information in our use case page on the BLOCKO website.

Though OpenKeyChain technology isn’t something new, based off Bitcoin itself, it has a transaction-oriented design (UXTO Model), which on its own has its disadvantages that makes it hard to add on additional functions that are needed for authenticating users.

As a result, the AERGO OpenKeyChain was built based on the AERGO Lua Contract, which means that unlike the UXTO model, it has many advantages of utilizing the hybrid blockchain capabilities of the AERGO Mainnet.


Since it has a contract oriented design, the AERGO OpenKeyChain ensures scalability paired with the security needed to allow developers to build the necessary logic for authentication solutions.

More details about the core technology will be released on 15th of November. Do stay tuned!

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