PAI Updates 11/7 — Tech Updates

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PAI Updates 11/7 — Tech Updates

Hello Project PAI Community. Here are the latest Updates!

Technology Updates

Proof of Useful Work (PoUW)

  • Implementing communication between supervisors
  • Developing method for miners to select supervisors to interact with
  • Moving the task definition to the blockchain
  • Setup and ran experiments on a GPU cloud machine to measure performance of the proof of concept

PAI Coin Mining & Staking Pool

  • Completed UI redesign
  • Updating staking yield method and implementation
  • Creating FAQ’s and informational guides
  • Added multi-environment build support to the PAI Miner desktop app
  • Improved hash rate tracking between web UI and PAI Miner desktop app
  • Fixed localization issues in PAI Miner desktop app

PAI Coin Core

  • Added support for purchase, vote and revocation of stake transactions in the mempool
  • Added a unit test framework that should handle the construction of a test blockchain containing stake transactions

GitHub & GitLab Monthly Pulse

  • 5 developers pushed 8 commits

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