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MovieBloc and Blocery, as partners of Ontology, decided to operate TF (Task Force) team for accelerating Blockchain technology development. CTO of Blocery Kim Yong, worked at KT R&D and Line Japan in the past and Blockchain developer of Blocery, Yoon Chaewon who worked as LG CNS system programmer previously will lead the team. Both platforms will use Ontology mainnet in the future; thus, sharing note system will have a good synergy between both platform to open an official launch of MovieBloc and beta launch of Blocery.

Adding Blockchain and Grocery together, Blocery is an integrated fintech blockchain agricultural value chain platform. Leveraging blockchain technology, Blocery will make the reciprocal ecosystem connecting both end-consumers and producers with reasonable benefits such as price hedging of agricultural products and grocery. Its parent company, Ezfarm Inc, has 20 years of experience in agricultural industry covering IT solution, smartfarm and distribution service with big data.

Through the technical cooperation, MovieBloc and Blocery will achieve two major goals of fastening development schedule of both parties and leading Blockchain Mass Adoption. Please stay tuned for more updates! Thank you.

Blocery Website

White paper of Blocery

Beta Service | Official Website | Telegram | KakaoTwitter

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