You can buy groceries on Ontology soon with Blocery

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Ontology is pleased to announce its partnership with Blocery, a high-end agricultural products/grocery pre-purchase e-commerce platform. Blocery will develop ecosystem applications using Ontology’s infrastructure and be part of Ontology’s ecosystem as De-Fi solutions. Blocery taps into the real needs of end-consumers with the vision of blockchain to change the daily life first than to change the world.

Blocery is a dApp project specifically catering to the needs of people in daily (tangible) lives upon the grocery value chain. SCF solution unlocks the cash to vendors by opening the crowdfunding solutions to investor users. E-commerce solution, at the same time, markets to users in the form of “pre-purchase” where primary producers and buyers can make a transaction even before the harvest of goods with smart contracts.

The project comes from the 20-year-long business entity, Ezfarm in South Korea. The company has been actively engaged in Ag-tech business nationwide. Its deep connection with the biggest central market in South Korea, Garak market, will be leveraged right the initial moment of the service to solve the working capital problem of vendors. With its apparent business model, Blocery aims to build herself the long-run blockchain service.

About the cooperation, Andy JI, Co-Founder of Ontology, remarked:

“Blocery is an interesting case that has survived the winter of the blockchain industry with its strong agricultural background within its local market. Its supply chain finance business model would thrive in the DeFi ecosystem of Ontology.”

Blocery is launching a beta version of the service by the end of this year. And the service will fully migrate to Ontology by the first quarter of the year 2020.

About Ontology

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain and distributed trust collaboration platform. As the blockchain infrastructure with multi-chain and multi-system integration, Ontology provides multi-layer, sharding, and multi-VM public blockchain services, and is able to readily customize easy-to-use blockchains that protect privacy through component technology and achieves secure and efficient cross-chain communication using a set of protocols.

As the infrastructure and connector for the Ontology trust ecosystem, Ontology creates a collaboration platform combining multi-dimensional trust and integrated applications through DID (decentralized identity), decentralized data exchange, decentralized reputation, and many other components and protocols for trust collaboration. As a result, Ontology is able to provide effective collaboration between trust sources, secure connectivity of data sources, and other distributed applications, thus creating a systemized, proceduralized, and integrated trust ecosystem.

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