Ontology Global University Workshop Kicking off in the US Soon

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The U.S. leg of Ontology’s Global University Workshop tour has begun! After a very successful stop working with Decipher, Korea’s leading blockchain alliance, in Seoul, South Korea at Seoul National University, we are excited to see our information-packed workshop visit a number of the top universities in the world, such as Harvard University, Princeton University, Cornell University, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and more.

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Check out our U.S. timeline below:

What is GUW?

Hosted by Ontology in collaboration with multiple high-profile collaborations. Our aims with this program are to help educate young talent about the magic of blockchain with hopes to attract high-potential developers to the Ontology world. In doing this, we hope to help develop our infrastructure and ecosystem as we continue to propel blockchain forward. Furthermore, we feel an obligation to share our knowledge and experience with the generation that will most benefit from the potential of blockchain.

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Why attend GUW?

As you may have seen in previous articles, our workshop curriculum is packed full of interesting and useful expertise that will leave attendees with more insight into the inner workings of Ontology, and blockchain itself. But that’s not all. We wanted to go above and beyond the norm, so we have created the Klein Bottle Challenge to encourage young entrepreneurial developers to collaborate with us and the Global Talent Program to invite both budding and established developers to interact with our ecosystem.

What will you learn?

#1 Introduction to Blockchain
What is the blockchain? How can it change the landscape of traditional industries? What are some business opportunities available to dApp developers?

#2 Application of Blockchain
How can blockchain be practically applied to business? What does the process of creating on the blockchain look like? What is the best way to structure your dApp?

#3 Introduction to Ontology
What is Ontology? Who are we? How does our ecosystem function? How can we work together?

#4 Advanced: MultiVM for Smart Contracts
How can we use virtual machines to improve the development of smart contracts? What are your options for blockchain smart contract development?

#5 Advanced: ONT ID + DDXF
Which programming languages are available to you for development? How can we develop smart contracts and dApps on the Ontology SDK?

#6 The Future of Blockchain
What is cross-chain? What is sharding? What is the future of blockchain technology?

What will you receive?

In addition to the information and insight you will pick up from our experts, you will also receive:

  • A Global Community Developer certificate issued by Ontology
  • A limited-edition Global University Workshop t-shirt
  • A set of Ontology stickers

Want to win a competition?

The Klein Bottle Challenge

The purpose of the Klein Bottle Challenge is to encourage students who are interested in blockchain technology to apply their knowledge to practical applications. During the process, Ontology will provide full-scale support from finance to incubation to help you bring your ideas to life on our platform.

  • Nova Rewards

Up to $20,000 worth of ONG as a reward if your project qualifies to go live on Ontology MainNet. You will also get the chance to win Comet Rewards and Satellite Rewards to closely collaborate with Ontology to help you enhance your technical capability and marketing resources.
1. At least one team member attended the Global University Workshop
2. Submit your project within 3 weeks of the workshop you attended
*Note: the individual timeline for universities will be announced at each workshop

  • Comet Rewards

Incubation Support: projects with good market performance will enjoy full-scale incubation support from Ontology. We’d like to provide long-term support, including technical support as well as marketing and global community support, to help teams with a desire to contribute to blockchain development.
1. Your project shows stable technical performance on Ontology MainNet
2. Your project gains a strong following of active users

  • Satellite Rewards

Incubation Support + Additional Investment: projects with outstanding market performance will be offered investment from Ontology. You will be a core part of the Ontology ecosystem.
1. Your project shows stable technical performance on Ontology MainNet
2. Your project gains a strong following of active users for a period of more than two consecutive months

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