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The extension will notify full nodes about rewards and any operational failures, as well as automating revenue distribution to lessors.

Waves Platform’s open protocol is maintained by full nodes and WAVES holders. Those who don’t have the required hardware and 1,000 WAVES can lease their tokens to full nodes. Nodes generate blocks, receive block rewards and transaction fees, and distribute these revenues between lessors.

Nodes have different payout conditions, such as frequency, proportion of returns distributed, and additional tokens. Let’s see how popular nodes — Tradisys, Dodllnode and Wavescap Node — interact with their lessors.


  • Payout frequency: daily
  • Leasing return: 100% of fees and block rewards

Tradisys was launched in June 2018. The generating balance of the node is currently 5,254,993 WAVES, putting it in third place in the Waves ecosystem.

The Tradisys team conducts votes among its lessors. In September, Tradidys members approved the activation of Feature 14 — Block Rewards and Community Driven Monetary Policy.


  • Payout frequency: weekly
  • Leasing return: 100% of fees and block rewards

Dodllnode took third place in the ‘Game of Nodes’ competition and won a one-year lease of 400,000 WAVES. As a result, lessors’ payouts have risen to 149.75%. The generating balance increased to 1,534,735 WAVES (10th place).

Dodllnode also conducts internal votes. The node distributes the Dodllnode token before each vote. Lessors send these tokens to one of the two addresses, depending on their choice. After the vote, all tokens are returned to lessors. Like the lessors of Tradisys, they supported the activation of Function 14.

Wavescap Node

  • Payout frequency: every 9,400 blocks (about a week)
  • Leasing return: 100% of fees plus 95% of block rewards

Wavescap Node’s team took second place in the ‘Game of Nodes’ competition and received a lease of 600,000 WAVES. Their generating balance is currently 951,702 WAVES (12th place).

Wavescap’s voting mechanics are the same as for Dodllnode. Pool members vote for or against new functions using special tokens, which are distributed before each vote.

Tradisys, Dodllnode, and Wavescap Node offer a great example for other ecosystem participants by holding these votes. We are eager to see more nodes like these ones.

To make Waves nodes even more reliable and attractive to lessors we’ve rolled out a toolkit that will automate part of nodes’ workflow.

Node Tools Extension

Payouts can be configured according to the following parameters:

  1. The block from which distribution will start
  2. Frequency
  3. Percentage

Notification types:

  1. Node is not generating blocks. Possible reasons:
  • The settings were changed
  • Balance of less than 1,000 WAVES
  • Smart account features were activated

2. Node generated a block and received a reward

3. Generating balance changed

4. Payouts were distributed

How to install

You can find a detailed installation guide for the extension here.

Coming updates

We are working hard to improve existing tools and creating new ones. In the next update, you’ll be able to add an additional token for rewards. Nodes will be able to create “blacklists” of lessors.

If you have found bugs or have ways to improve the extension, please write to Issues in Repository.

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