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Hello from MovieBloc Team,

From now on, we will share the most recent announcements, community updates, and media coverage through our monthly report ‘MovieBloc Newsletter’.

During the past month (from October 1st — October 31st),

(1) 2019 BIFF (Busan International Film Festival)

October 6th, MovieBloc visited BIFF where all industry members, actors, actresses, and film directors gathered for the event. MovieBloc was able to network with industry people and take time to learn industry trends and the future strategy of the movie industry.

(2) MBL listed on Ontrade

MovieBloc Token(MBL) is listed on OnTrade, the fourth innovative digital exchange, exclusive global daily contract transactions, based on the top derivative system. MBL/BTC, MBL/USDT, MBL/ETH, MBL/PAX pairs are available.

(3) MovieBloc partners with Picord Film

MovieBloc and Picord Film will cooperate to popularize low budget, usually independent-made non-commercial films by delivering unique content. Through this partnership, MovieBloc and Picord Film will cooperate to discover quality non-commercial films, co-produce interesting contents like actor/ actress interviews and behind stories of the films, and co-hold offline events such as exhibition and screening events.

(4) MovieBloc becomes Ontology’s Latest Node

MovieBloc becomes Ontology’s latest node by staking 350,000 ONT including 100,000 initial staking and 250,000 user staking. In order to encourage users, MovieBloc node will support users to achieve 100% node staking yield after a short period of approximately two weeks. In the future, uses will also be able to log into MovieBloc through the ONT ID protocol, allowing them to share co-build the film and television ecosystem. MovieBloc and Ontology’s cooperation is expanding and the friendship is getting stronger :)

Thank you for your support.

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