TTC x SOOHO— A Partnership for a Safer TTC Ecosystem

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TTC Foundation partnered with “SOOHO,” a professional cyber security team, to improve the security and efficiency of the TTC ecosystem

Since long before the Main network Rigi launch, the TTC Foundation has been focusing on strengthening the security and efficiency of the TTC blockchain and its smart contracts. The foundation’s cyber security team is continuously monitoring the network status and its user activities and constantly updating the system based on a security checklist considered the most strict within the industry.

Along with the conscientious internal testing processes, the TTC Foundation has also been closely cooperating with third-party white-hat hackers for much safer and optimized services. Last September, the foundation has identified and improved upon security weak points of Rigi and TTC Connect before official launch via a bug bounty program initiated with the global white-hat hacker community Hacken and additional blockchain solution compliance. Aiming for even higher grounds, we partnered with a professional security and compliance team, SOOHO, to take our security and efficiency to the next level this time around.

Who are SOOHO?

SOOHO is a professional security and compliance company which provides a SaaS platform that collects and analyzes cyber crime data on the blockchain to prevent illegal trading and smart contract vulnerabilities.

The SOOHO team is composed of world renowned hackers who have won the best technology award at the Binance Hackathon 2019, the grand prize at the Upbit Hackthon 2019, and have managed to compete as finalists at the world’s largest hacking tournament, DEFCON, every year thus far. The team has also completed penetration testing with The Bank of Korea, Samsung Electronics, Hana Capital, Hanhwa General Insurance, and AXA.

Credited to their competence, they have been invested by Consensys and has partnered with Metamask, λ256, SK C&C, and the Financial Security Institute.

“The TTC Foundation has not only written well architected and concise smart contracts, it was apparent they put in great effort in building safe services and products. By reviewing the codes of TTC’s decentralized financial service, Tigris Protocol, and decentralized exchange, TDEX, we could affirm the competence of the TTC Foundation’s development team. SOOHO is glad to be cooperating with the TTC Foundation to build a much safer TTC ecosystem.
— Jisu Park, CEO, SOOHO”

Partnership Synergy

Through a longterm partnership with SOOHO, the TTC Foundation is aiming to improve the security and efficiency of the globally used TTC blockchain, its decentralized finance (DeFi) and social protocols, and various DAPPs.

SOOHO has already completed the technical security compliance of TTC’s DeFi service, Tigris Protocol. Based on SOOHO’s compliance report, the TTC Foundation has strengthened the identified weak points.

The TTC Foundation and SOOHO will begin its technical security compliance for the incentivized social networking protocol, Acorn Protocol, and its decentralized exchange, TDEX. The partnership and its future goals focus on improving the security of the entire TTC ecosystem.

The TTC Foundation is giving its best to provide our global users a much trustworthy and optimized environment. We will continue such efforts to accomplish our goal of building for billions.

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