How to Register On Hanbitco

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How To Register On Hanbitco

Project WITH is blockchain-based sports player career management platform. Project WITH’s token ,WIKEN, is listed on the Hanbitco exchange.

Hanbitco is an ISMS(Information Security Management System) certified exchange by the KISA(Korea Internet Security Agency). And now WIKEN holders can trade in Hanbitco’s BTC market.

For holders who are new to Hanbitco, we’ve written how to sign up and authenticate Hanbitco.

Step 1. Sign Up

Go to and click the ‘Sign Up’ button

Click the ‘Foreign Citizen’ button

Fill in your e-mail address and password. And please check the check box

Check your e-mail and confirm your e-mail address

Step 2. Security Setting

Click your e-mail address

Fill out your phone number

And fill out the verification code

The next step is to register 2fa certification. Click the ‘Enable 2FA’ button

And click the ‘Verify’ button

Please check SMS and enter the verification code.

And you need to register OTP.

Click the ‘Request QR Code’.

And capture the QR code using Google Authenticator’s barcode scanner. And enter the verification code sent to Google Authenticator.

Finally. You need to do ‘Identity Verification’. Following the Hanbitco’s guidance

About Hanbitco

Bitforex is one of the top 10 global crypto exchange based in Singapore. Bitforex users can trade more than 170 cryptocurrencies via Bitforex, and can easily use cryptocurrency trading services based on a high performance matching engine that can match 160,000 transactions per second.


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