Aergo 2019 Updated Roadmap

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We’ve updated our roadmap for 2019 to clarify the state of our development process. Read on to find out more.

Dear Aergo Community,

We are thrilled to release the updated version of Aergo Roadmap!

In order to nurture the ecosystem and enlarge our enterprise customer base further, we’re in the midst of preparing a diverse range of products built based on the Aergo platform to be used on the mainnet.

These changes are imperative for our step further into hitting the core of our milestones. Our developers are working hard to ensure platform stability, scalability, and security is achieved in tandem with our schedules as we touch base with the development process of the Aergo platform with significant prudence.

In other words, these steps are crucial in catering towards our enterprise clients on our public network.

The product details will be released as we launch the products itself, so stay tuned.

We would like to thank you, our community for your ongoing support. These are some BIG initiatives coming ahead.

Remember, watch this space!

Aergo team

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