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Greetings from Contents Protocol team,

Our monthly report “Contents Protocol Times” includes the most recent announcements, community updates, and media coverage and will be shared every first week of the month.


(1) Holding the Test Screening — We held the Test Screening of an unreleased film in August with participants from WATCHA.

  • Test Screening is a preview of a film before its release, without providing information about it to the audience. It is possible to find out the audience’s reaction to the film through the questionnaire. The audience is instructed not to mention related information such as the movie title, online or offline.

(2) Huobi D’APP LIVE — On August 10th, the Contents Protocol team discussed “Establishing D’APP Ecosystem ” as a panel at D’APP LIVE hosted by Huobi Korea. The Contents Protocol team demonstrated its direction for global business, shared accomplishments fulfilled so far, and discussed the components of blockchain service ecosystem.

(3) Updates on Data Dashboard — After the announcement of the partnership with JTBC and MBC, we regularly had meetings and received consultation and feedback on the “Data Dashboard” service. On August 26th and 28th, the team visited MBC and JTBC to introduce “Data Dashboard” service to employees from both companies. The introductory presentations covered what service Contents Protocol is planning to offer through the Data Dashboard.

James Lee, the head of business at Contents Protocol, introduced what types of data and key features will be available in the Data Dashboard. The Data Dashboard will consist of three structures; Content Analysis, Target Analysis, and Keyword Analysis, which are based on the data analysis that the team has been working on for the past few months. The Data Dashboard includes the indicators that intensively show the performance of a particular content. Furthermore, the Content Protocol team is planning to explore ways to provide more in-depth insights through further analysis.

(4) UDC 2019 Expert Session — Alex Jihyun Won, the Co-CEO of Contents Protocol held an expert session at the Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) 2019 on September 4th under the theme “Content Business and Token Economics”. Starting with the introduction to WATCHA and WATCHA PLAY, he mentioned briefly the importance of data in the content industry. In addition, he introduced some examples of how the team has communicated with users about CPT and said that the team will continue the effort to bring Contents Protocol’s vision to the existing users.

Alex had a real-time Q&A session at the conference in English and Korean. The following are some of questions and answers from the session.

Q. “Token rewards alone won’t make users move” seems to be the overall assessment of the blockchain industry so far. It is also said that the reward itself is not that sufficiently large enough to each individual. How about Contents Protocol so far? Do you think that user engagement gets much better because of the incentive, CPT? If you don’t think the incentive is enough, I wonder what you have in mind as an improvement or as a ‘next step’.

A. Good question. We don’t think users activity has improved a lot because of tokens that are given as incentives. We have users who have been originally used our apps by the intrinsic value that our service provides. We don’t think that they used our app more often because of the additional incentives. We think the key is to elicit user activity through the intrinsic value of the service. We have been doing a lot of experiments. We conducted a survey of CPT Store, WATCHA, and WATCHA PLAY users to evaluate each scene of <the Little Drummer Girl: Director’s cut>, and considerably a lot of users spent 40 minutes to participate. Our team believes that this participation is attributed to sympathy to the vision that a close assessment would be handed to the content maker, rather than to the reward itself.

Q. Are you planning to work with other streaming services to make CPT token available to all streaming services? Then, can the user go to the other service and pay with CPT to see what’s not in WATCHA PLAY?

A. Yes, we are. We are planning to make CPT available not only in OTT service, but also in other content platforms such as e-book and music streaming. We are currently selling vouchers in partnership with Genie Music, Aladdin, and Megabox in CPT Store. Technically speaking, it is ALREADY possible to buy other platforms’ services with CPT.

Q. What was the hardest part of lowering the wall for non-crypto users to use your crypto reward system?

A. The most difficult part was the vague fear of cryptocurrency. In the first place, there were quite a few people who refused to receive reward for being scared. As the media continues to report on illegal activities and regulations, there seems to be a perception among general public that cryptocurrency is scary and bad. This perception makes it hard to introduce a reward system to the public and get users to use it. However, we are trying to explain cryptocurrency words in a more familiar way, so I think users’ perception of value variability is improving, and that they understand the concept well.


News Media paid close attention to the panel session and the presentation that the Contents Protocol team held.


Team Contents Protocol

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