Ontology Signs an MOU with Korean Masternode Platform APIS

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Ontology Signs an MOU with Global Masternode Platform APIS

Ontology is pleased to announce that it has signed an MOU with APIS, a global masternode platform. APIS and Ontology will work together to form a mutually beneficial relationship with substantial technological collaboration in new services and network expansion.

According to the MOU, Ontology node staking service will be launched on the APIS platform so that users can apply to become Ontology nodes, participate in crowdfunding and staking, and gain ONG rewards all through the platform. In this way, users will get the reward in proportion to the amount they spend in the crowdfunding.

Through the collaboration, ONT transfer will be available on APIS PAY which is currently being developed. Through technical exchange and collaborative network, APIS and Ontology will strive to improve their blockchain services.

APIS now boasts a global user base of 20,000 and has about 10,000 monthly active users. As Ontology continues to establish a firm foothold in the Korean market, the partnership with APIS will allow more Ontology users in Korea to share in the benefits Ontology offers and further promote Ontology’s growth in the local market.

About APIS

By lowering the barrier against the blockchain incentive system, APIS improves the soundness of network and aims to build a user-oriented and decentralized ecosystem. Through its recent platform renewal, various products were added, including Masternode, PoS, and DPoS/BFT chain.

Anyone can participate in the blockchain incentive system on the APIS platform swiftly and easily. The participation history is all recorded on the APIS blockchain network. Equipped with accessibility, fairness, and transparency, the APIS team suggests a new direction to the question: “How would we utilize cryptocurrency”.

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