Game of Nodes Winners Announced!

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The competition was a huge success, significantly improving the decentralization of the Waves network.

Game of Nodes has ended and it’s time to announce the winners!

Decentralization is critical for the health and success of any blockchain project. We launched our eight-week competition at the end of July with the aim of increasing both the number of mining nodes on the Waves network, and the amount of WAVES leased overall.

Overall, more than 50 nodes were added to the Waves network in the period from 24 July to 18 September, bringing the total to over 400. A total of 209 nodes participated in the competition. Moreover, 1.5 million WAVES were withdrawn from exchanges to external wallets to be leased. A further 6 million WAVES changed their lease, cancelling their lease to one node in favour of a better deal. In all, this was a fantastic outcome for the security and decentralization of Waves.

Three winners

While there were many new nodes, only three could win prizes. The nodes that made the greatest gains according to the competition’s formula were:

  1. Inprofit (3P4QYFDHZqLw94MY1XNEwxdXpFiDuaLjTDu). Score: 108.09
  2. Wavescap (3PGobRuQzBY9VbeKLaZqrcQtW26wrE9jFm7). Score: 93.91
  3. Dodllnode (3PLp1QsFxukK5nnTBYHAqjz9duWMriDkHeT). Score: 91.52

These nodes win one-year leases of 1 million WAVES, 600,000 WAVES and 400,000 WAVES respectively, and are allowed to keep all of the revenues generated from these leases! Leases will start on 2 October 2019. You can find full data for the competition on Airtable.

Not so funny part

We particularly want to mention Wavescap. At one point, this node was a clear leader in the competition and looked set to win the top prize. Unfortunately, Wavescap opened the API to their node without changing the default API key, making it vulnerable to attack. While only a small amount of funds was held on the node (most was in leases) and the loss was limited, the wider impact was to knock them off the winner board. Wavescap then fought hard to regain their spot, eventually taking back second place. We also want to state that Waves has added an extra level of protection from such user error in the next node update.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners, and a big Thank You to everyone who took part in Game of Nodes!

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