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One of the crypto space’s best known and respected gatherings ran from 9–16 September, focusing on the latest and most popular technologies.

Earlier this month, Blockchain Week Tel Aviv saw a group of prominent blockchain entrepreneurs, visionaries and academics gather together to learn and share, including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, ConsenSys CEO Joe Lubin and Founder and CEO of eToro, Joni Assia.

The event consisted of several conferences, workshops and hackathons.

The D&DD Summit centered on issues of crypto adoption, dApps and decentralized financial systems.

Friday the 13th Crypt-O-Mesh aimed to push the boundaries of what we typically understand as “blockchain”, introducing a number of disruptive ideas.

BuidlTLV hackathon brought together passionate local and global talent to build dApps and compete for prizes.

Ethereal Summit championed those building the infrastructure and applications driving blockchain tech, as well as the decentralization movement’s cultural and human aspects.

Issues discussed at TLVBV ranged from the future of decentralized finance and possible killer apps for blockchain to the pros and cons of Facebook’s highly anticipated cryptocurrency, Libra.

Waves at TLVBW

Ilya Smagin, head of development for Waves smart contracts, led a workshop entitled “Full-cycle dApp development on the Waves Blockchain”. The workshop’s main focus was on the basics of decentralized apps development, from useful tools to coding using Waves’ smart contract language, Ride.

Aleksei Pupyshev, Waves’ chief technology evangelist, took part in D&DD’s panel discussion. He outlined different programming approaches to decentralized finance (DeFi) application engineering, including DAOs and algorithmic stable coins. The panel also touched upon whether we really need Turing-complete smart contract languages to implement Web 3.0 applications, and how to explain the decentralized web to non-blockchain developers and non-tech people.

Waves’ Developer Advocate, Inal Kardanov, ran a workshop entitled, “How to create a secure e-voting system using Waves’ blockchain” at Ethereal Summit. He discussed some of the challenges with e-voting systems, explaining how the first Ethereum-based voting system in Moscow was hacked and what can be learnt from that incident to avoid common mistakes in the design of future voting systems.

Inal also took part in the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon with the challenge task “Sharing Economy Tokenization: Creating a Decentralized Platform Using Waves Blockchain.”

“Many people think that blockchain as a technology stopped developing a while ago, that there have been no innovations in the last few years, but we can definitely say that there are many innovations, ideas, research and collaboration in the industry,” Inal commented.

Overall, Tel Aviv Blockchain Week was insightful and fun. See you soon at other major global blockchain events!

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