Waves unveils experimental network

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To eliminate possible blockchain rollback issues on our testnet, we’ve created the Waves stagenet as a testing ground for innovation.

Previously, all new Waves functionality was published on testnet before it was available on mainnet.

However, when developing Waves-based projects on testnet, users could face problems due to the rollback of blockchain height caused by the instability of the testnet version.

To avoid this kind of issue, we’ve launched a new experimental blockchain: the stagenet. All new, experimental functionality will be now published on stagenet.

Starting from the upcoming release, the Waves testnet and mainnet will have the same versions and will be updated simultaneously. You can now use testnet without fear of a blockchain rollback.

Join the new stagenet to keep abreast of all innovations and be among the first to test new functionality.

Stagenet is a fully functioning Waves blockchain but, like on testnet, on stagenet the WAVES token has no value because it can be received for free. Stagenet will help developers to test the functionality of new versions of Waves before they are deployed on testnet and mainnet.

To use nodes on stagenet, you will need to:

  • Download the latest version of the Waves node software
  • Download waves-StageNet.conf (Skip this step, if you use the DEB package for a node installation)
  • Install the node using the manual
  • After that the node will begin to download blocks. To speed up the process, you can import blocks using this manual.

If you’d like to become a miner on stagenet, please send a request for WAVES tokens for leasing.

To get WAVES tokens for your stagenet account use the faucet.

Stagenet has also been added to:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in Discord on the stagenet channel.

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