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Moviebloc has signed MOU with LilttleBig Pictures aiming to cooperate on blockchain based movie streaming platform. Through the cooperation, both parties will expand their business in both domestic and global market by introducing movies that shows philosophy and unique characteristic of the director and discovering quality movies that give opportunities to producers and directors to be acknowledged by the audiences.

<Park Hwa Young, 2017>, <I can speak, 2017>
‘LittleBig Picutures’ was founded in 2013 by 7 different film production companies to solve the problem of screen monopoly. LittleBig Picutres has been distributing a number of films including low-budget films, independent films and commercials films. Among which, their blockbuster films are <Missback, 2018>, <Park Hwa Young, 2017>, <I can speak, 2017>, <How to steal a dog, 2014>. LittleBig Pictures strive to distribute films that are combined with cinematic quality and commercial value to the public.

Through the partnership, Moviebloc and LittleBig Pictures will introduce hidden-gem movies to public and also support to create various contents. MovieBloc and LittleBig Pictures look forward to finding synergies to further enhance each other’s visions.

Thank you for continued support!

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