MovieBloc Service Preview 3

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Hello, the MovieBloc team is back with more exciting updates!

With the launch of our service approaching soon, our MovieBloc team would like to give a sneak peek of what we have been working on to the viewers who have been eagerly anticipating and cheering this project on. With that being said, our team has prepared “MovieBloc Service Preview 3”!

Service Preview 1 includes the overview of Beta Service and preview 2 includes wallet function. Preview 3 will talk about ‘Individual theater” in MovieBloc Service.
Individual Theater

Once the official version of “Individual Theater” is launched, users of our service will personally be able to curate movies. Through this service, users themselves can be curators by creating their own page and actively promoting movies based on their personal tastes or profit advantages on their personal page. Curators can select their own URL (e.g. and promote it on their SNS. Viewers that enter the service through this link will be reimbursed from the money they already transacted.

Although there are no particular license or conditions needed to be a curator, curators that bridge promising and good movies to their appropriate audience will be considered more credible.

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