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As anticipated that 2019 will be the year of discriminating blockchain gems from pebbles, blockchain is undergoing commercialization in various fields.

The fashion industry is no exception. The fashion industry has also begun discovering the possibilities of blockchain and using the technology.

Sharing transparent information through blockchain.

The information that consumers can know when purchasing clothes is very limited in material information and washing methods. Therefore, it is very hard for the consumers to know the detailed manufacturing process of the clothes. However, using blockchain technology can transparently disclose the exact manufacturing process of the clothes.

In 2017, Martine Jarlgaard, designer from London, teamed up with a blockchain startup to showcase their first apparel with a `Smart Label’ that reveals every step of the manufacturing process from raw materials to completed products. Using the QR code, consumers can easily see the details of the clothes made by the designer. The transparency of this information allows consumers to see specific information about the clothes and to naturally trust the brand.

Eliminate counterfeits with blockchain technology.

The transparent sharing of information through blockchain is also linked to the elimination of counterfeits in luxury industry. Recently, the luxury industry has begun to pay attention to these advantages of the blockchain technology. In May, the LVMH Group in France, which has luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, unveiled a supply chain platform based on blockchain for luxury products called “AURA.’’

Through the AURA platform, detailed information of LVMH products are recorded on the blockchain, and AURA certificates are issued through a separate application. Louis Vuitton handbags, for example, provide a transparent view of the product’s entire life cycle, including the origin of the leather, the retail store, the person who bought the bag, and the owner of the bag.

According to the fashion media BOF, not only the LVMH group, but also the Kering group with luxury brands Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and the Richmond group with Mont Blanc are planning to release a blockchain-based database to eliminate the counterfeits.

Blockchain-based E-commerce platform, GUHADA.

As the fashion industry around the world pays attention to blockchain technology, TEMCO is also preparing to launch a E-commerce platform for secondary luxury products, GUHADA. Here are some brief key features of GUHADA.

First, all products selling in GUHADA ensure the transparency of the information. GUHADA stores product information and distribution history on the blockchain. As a result, GUHADA users can see the product details and distribution history at a glance.

Second, GUHADA prevents counterfeit purchase. GUHADA minimizes the risk of counterfeit products through rigorous authentication procedures and vendor certification procedures. Also, TEMCO is preparing insurance services for maximum convenience in case of any counterfeit product transaction.

GUHADA is making an offer for recruitment of sellers and consumers in advance of its launch next month and is also working on marketing strategy. Also, TEMCO team is working hard to create an innovative platform that considers users’ convenience.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data Management and E-Commerce platform through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

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