Join the Waves Team at Berlin Blockchain Week, August 18–29

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We are pleased to announce that the Waves Team will be attending the 2nd Berlin Blockchain Week, which will take place on August 18–29. This year’s Blockchain Week promises to be even bigger and better than the well-received 2018 edition, and Waves will be there among a wide array of blockchain developers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

Here is a rundown of events at Blockchain Week where you’ll find the Waves Team:

Web3 Summit

Berlin Blockchain Week opens with the Web3 Summit, will take place at Funkhaus Berlin on August 19–21. This summit gathers developers, researchers, and protocol developers who work toward building a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web.

Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov is scheduled to speak at Studio 5 on Tuesday, August 20, at 13:10 CEST. (11:10 AM GMT) Ivanov will talk about the problems facing the blockchain industry, Waves’ methods of solving these problems, and plans for the future of Waves.

ETH Conference

The Waves Team will also participate in ETH Conference, a global developer conference at the Technische Universität Berlin from Wednesday, August 21, to Friday, August 23. ETH Conference brings together hundreds of blockchain and smart contract developers, researchers, and enthusiasts.

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Ilya Smagin, lead developer of Ride, the programming language that powers Waves’ smart contracts, will participate in the Cross Collaboration Panel on August 21 at 12:10 CEST. (10:10 GMT)


Smagin and Waves Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will conduct a workshop on Waves dApps at ETHBerlinZwei on Friday, August 23 from 11:20 to 12:00 CEST. This workshop will take place in Auditorium 2 at the Technische Universität Berlin.

At this workshop, Smagin and Kardanov will take a deep dive into our RIDE programming language, analyzing complex dApps implemented in the Waves blockchain and discussing the main pitfalls with dApp development, ways to optimize dApps, and features of the Waves protocol that all developers should know. The workshop will focus on 3 examples of complex dApps: DAO, OraclesConsensus, and PoW-in-PoS dApp.

ETHBerlinZwei Hackathon

The Waves Team will also have its own task at the ETHBerlinZwei Hackathon, where developers can try their hand at solving problems on the Waves blockchain, get acquainted with the ecosystem, and learn our RIDE language. Kardanov will speak at the opening of ETHBerlinZwei Hackathon at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park on Friday, August 23 at 18:00 CEST. The hackathon then begins and will run through August 25. The hackathon prize fund: 1750 WAVES.

Waves will also have a booth on the hackathon floor where anyone can talk to team members, learn more about Waves, and have a great time. We will also have an interactive panel with a presentation and a quiz game where our guests will be able to test their knowledge and win prizes.

Berlin Blockchain Week promises to be an exciting event! We encourage all of you to join the fun by following our social media channels. We’ll post pictures and keep you updated throughout the week.

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