Item Market is Launched!

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We present Item Market, a platform that brings a new life in the gaming realm putting players and developers on the same side

Last fall, we launched a gaming project that is bearing fruit and has grown into something more. Blockchain shifts the centralized paradigm taking away from enterprises data monopoly. What is yours is really yours and anyone can prove it. This brings the relationships between gamers and developers on a new level providing an open economy in the sphere. So, with this in mind, we created Item Market.

Item Market is a decentralised platform where everyone can tokenize, sell and buy somebody’s in-game items in the form of tokens. Right now you can join two games but there will be much more. One of them is a collab with famed YouTube video ‘Nyan Cat’.

How does it work?

Everyone remembers CryptoKitties. Each CryptoKitty is a Non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. We used the same approach. And with Node 1.0 update it became possible to issue NFTs on the Waves Platform.

We created an SDK to make blockchain integration easier than ever, enabling developers to plug NFTs straight into their games. Next functions are available for you:

Item creation

Creation of an item is integrated into a platform. Everyone can create NFT and observe it on items list on their dApp. All you need is installed Waves Keeper for your browser. The process of creation is separated into six steps:

  1. Choose the network. There are two options to issue items, on the mainnet or testnet. For development purposes use testnet only.
  2. Creation mode. The library allows creating items from the console only in wizard mode. In the future, we will add more options.
  3. Name your item.
  4. Link the image URL. Please note, all images are stored off-chain, we store only full URL in the blockchain.
  5. Point the quantity. The maximum value is 99999999999 (almost a billion).
  6. Seed file path. Path to a file which contains a seed phrase of item owner. All the tokens should be issued from some blockchain account, usually, it is an account of a game developer. To issue a token (that is to say to send a transaction) we have to sign it using seed phrase.

Congratulations! Now you can embed token to your dApp or website. Also, you can create items in our JavaScript or TypeScript code.

Item lists

All your items are sorted by game folders. You can see the item name, its quantity and image. Also, there is a search field that helps you to find items faster.

Buy & Sell

Item Market marketplace is based on a Waves DEX which means that you can trade and exchange your items swiftly and securely. All advantages of centralized exchanges are combined with complete control of your funds. Everyone can list NFTs on the marketplace.


Waves team will continually help developers to implement Waves functionality into their games. There will be a technical tutorial, articles and other advices for those who want to join decentralized gaming.

Also, we remind about our initiative Waves Labs with 1 000 000 WAVES prize fund for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on the decentralized technologies that will underpin Web 3.0.

Master Web 3.0 technologies

Finally, we are launching a major campaign to grow our developer community and show everybody how cool coding with Ride is! We are running free educational courses for anyone interested in acquiring hands-on knowledge of Web 3.0 technologies.

We are pioneering Web 3.0 with this course. If you want to be at the forefront of the next-generation Web, grab this unique chance and step into a decentralised future with us!

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