HUM hardfork announcement

HUM | 08.14| 467

Since the release of our new services in last June, “MOAAH” and “MiseTokTok”, we have collected various feedback from our users and related 3rd parties during ongoing PoC. Based on these feedback, Humanscape decided to proceed HUM token hardfork to enhance user experience, especially on per-token unit.

Humanscape will be issuing a new smart contract(ERC-20) of HUM token and current HUM will be swapped with new HUM as a proportion of 100:1. Therefore, total supply of HUM will be decreased by 1/100.

  • Aug 21st 15:00 (KST) — suspension of HUM Token deposit & withdrawal on every exchange
  • Aug 28th — New smart contract address announcement, resume of new HUM Token transaction

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