Ontology to Partner up with 5 DeFi Service Providers

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Ontology to Partner up with 5 DeFi Service Providers in Finance and Wealth Management

1. Ontology to Partner up with Babel Finance in Finance and Wealth Management

Ontology has just announced its partnership with Babel Finance in finance and wealth management based on Ontology’s stable coin PAX and ONTO wallet.

Babel Finance offers flexible products for Ontology’s stable coin PAX, including BABEL Current+ and Fixed+ products.

“BABEL Current+”: The BABEL Current+ series provides fast and flexible withdrawal services. BabelBank is committed to achieving higher returns for users based on meeting safety and liquidity requirements. Currently, the BABEL Current+ products for PAX in ONTO, Ontology’s one-stop client, offer an annualized interest rate of 6%.

“BABEL Fixed+”: By depositing in the “BABEL Fixed+” series, you can enjoy the service of fixed-term financial management of crypto assets and return to your account automatically after expiration. The PAX products can offer an annualized interest rate of up to 12%. (Ontology users can buy the products in ONTO or on Babel Finance’s website.

About Babel Finance

BabelFinance is founded in July 2018 by Moonalpha Financial Services Limited, a registered company in Hong Kong. Babel Finance provides crypto-backed loans, deposit services, financing, margin trading, and other derivatives services.

Babel Finance has grown into one of the largest commercial crypto banks in Asia. It exclusively works with the top mining pools in China and prides itself on being one of the most trusted and reliable crypto-finance institutions.


2. Ontology to Work with SALT Lending in Wealth Management

Ontology also announced its partnership with SALT Lending, a leading digital asset management company. The two sides will work together to provide high-quality, low-risk, and high-yield stable coin wealth management products for Ontology’s ecosystem projects. SALT Lending’s services are already available to the business partners in the Ontology ecosystem. Ontology users will soon be able to stake their ONT on SALT Lending’s website.

SALT Lending is an industry leader in cryptocurrency loans. The partnership will help provide more secure PAX enterprise wealth management, ONT enterprise loan, and ONT spinoff sale. SALT Lending will provide convenient and comprehensive services. Under strict risk control by SALT Lending, PAX enterprise wealth management products will have a yield of up to 7%.

About SALT Lending

SALT Lending is a membership-based financing ecosystem. Those who own blockchain assets can take out a loan, of any size, without selling their collateral. Their Secured Automated Lending Technology is a protocol and asset agnostic architecture. If you have collateral you wish to retain, you can now borrow in an asset you prefer to spend, regardless of credit history or geographic constraints. SALT Lending is automated, cost-effective, transparent and cryptographically secure. This allows their members to plan tax events, and maintain their long position in a chosen blockchain asset.

SALT Lending’s globally available asset-backed financing solution empowers liquidity providers to manage the risk of lending to a rapidly expanding, underserved and immediately addressable borrower base.


3. Ontology to Partner up with LendChain in Lending and Wealth Management

Ontology also announced its partnership with LendChain, a distributed digital asset financial service platform. The two sides will work on decentralized finance to promote the Ontology DeFi ecosystem.

LendChain will list ONT and PAX and users will have access to collateral loans, wealth management, and other services. Ontology will provide its blockchain technology to support LendChain in developing DeFi applications.

LendChain has considerable experience in collateral and credit loans in digital assets and wealth management. The entire lending process is carried out by smart contracts, which record everything on the blockchain, including application, collateral, loans, investment, and repayment. All the information is open and transparent so that investors’ interests are fully protected.

About LendChain

LendChain is a distributed cryptocurrency financial services platform, which provides financing, investment, insurance, and other financial services for holders of cryptocurrencies. At the financing side, LendChain provides collateral and credit financing services, covering BTC, ETH, EOS, GXS, QKC, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. At the investment end, LendChain has a professional investment and research team to provide a variety of investment products, such as fixed-rate and floating income investment.


4. Ontology to Partner up with Fountain Financial in HNWI Investment

Ontology has announced its partnership with Fountain Financial, a Hong Kong-based financial service provider. Under the partnership, Ontology users can use PAX, the Ontology stable coin, to purchase investment products globally, including insurance, funds, and stocks.

The partnership will help build a bridge for digital asset investors to invest in traditional financial products. The partnership will allow users to hedge against the risks of trading digital assets by investing in traditional products. Ontology will work with Fountain Financial to build a decentralized investment platform where there is no intermediary or commission, and where high-net-worth clients can buy investment products globally. Currently, there is a discount of up to 10% on the premium for insurance in Hong Kong.

About Fountain Financial

Fountain Financial is a comprehensive financial service provider focusing on the global investment market based in Hong Kong. With its rich resources worldwide and professional team and services, Fountain Financial provides a variety of financial products for financial advisors and wealth management companies, such as private equity, fixed-rate products, and family trust. Based on its one-stop solution covering both the sale end and the asset end, Fountain Financial is able to provide better asset allocation services for clients.


5. Users can now Buy Stocks and Funds with ONT on HOX

Ontology has announced its partnership with HOX, a leading Chinese trading platform where users can buy stocks with cryptos. The two sides will work together to provide Ontology users with a fast and convenient way to buy stocks.

Users can now use ONT to buy US/HK stocks and IPO subscriptions. HOX allows users to buy traditional investment products with digital assets so that they can better manage their portfolio. Under this partnership, users can easily use ONT to buy US/HK stocks, such as those of Facebook and Tesla. In addition, HOX also allows users to buy ETF and other products.

About HOX

Founded in 2018, HOX is a pioneer of token-to-stock trading platforms and has been recognized as a secure and transparent US/HK stock trading platform. The HOX team is made up of IT and financial professionals from Internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba.


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