[MovieBloc] Bi-Weekly Report | July. 17–31, 2019

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Hello from MovieBloc team,

We release our MovieBloc Biweekly Report to share what we have been up to over the past two weeks. We will also be adding some major updates on this Medium blog, so you can quickly check up on MovieBloc at any time.
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MovieBloc Biweekly Report here.)

From July 17th — July 31st, MovieBloc team did…Business

1) Visit Indiespace

We had the opportunity to visit South Korea’s first-ever independent film screening company. In addition to operating the screenings, we were also able to discuss the future cooperation and direction that the art films’ development is heading with Indiespace’s director, Won Seung Hwan, who is also in charge of Indie Forum, Indie Talk and marketing.

2) Maru180 Visit

MovieBloc Team were able to visit the startup ‘total solution’ foundation, Maru180, that was hosted by Asan-Nanum Foundation. While accommodating all opportunities for startup, venture/capital accelerators, co-working cafes, and event halls, please look forward to the events that MovieBloc will be hosting here :)

3) Film Distributors Visit

MovieBloc team was delighted to hold a meeting with YeonNam Garden’s CEO and Film Dabin’s CEO, who is in charge of distributing and producing short/long films, screening independent movies regularly and submitting films for film festivals. We learned about these CEOs’ approach to preparing exhibitions, publishing scenario books, timeliness planning, theatrical plays and much more. Furthermore, as we had deep discussions about MovieBloc’s service, CEOs’ expertise from being in the industry for a long time provided beneficial insights for us. With MovieBloc, YeonNam Garden and Film Dabin’s cooperation and similarities in goals, we explored and shared our hopes for short films to be able to reach a broader range of audience soon.


1) D.STREET short-view

South Korea’s sole blockchain meetup channel ‘D.STREET.GO met up with MovieBloc. Crucial yet easy explanations regarding MovieBloc can be confirmed through MovieBloc’s CEO, Chris Kang.

☛ Full video:


1) Beta Service Launching Day

The MovieBloc Beta Service that everyone has been waiting for will finally be launched on August 26th! Throughout the MovieBloc Beta Service, the free MBL tokens that have been given out upon registration can be used to watch domestic movies. These movies will be complimented with subtitles from all over the world. Since we are preparing to recruit participants (supporters) for the service’s trial session, please stay tuned!

2) Strategic partnership with ‘Contentos’

During the Contentos meetup event on July 18th, MovieBloc signed a strategic partnership with ‘Contentos’, a leader in the global digital content industry. Through this blockchain-centric collaboration, MovieBloc and Contentos will join forces to increase content value.

3) Lock-up and Vesting Period Extension Announcement

Considering the current secondary market and product roadmap, we all agreed to postpone the initial unlock day. Great to have supports from our valuable investors! Please check MovieBloc’s disclosure at Upbit exchanges about the updated lock-up plan.

☛ Upbit Disclosure :


1) Mainnet Swapping

MovieBloc, Ontology, and Hexlant joined forces to conduct the MBL token swap from ERC-20 to OEP-4. In a recent meeting with Ontology’s product team leader Walter, we also discussed coordinating ONTID’s application related plans and the distribution of the ERC-20 and OEP-4 tokens. Three parties shared ideas about developing a smart contract for OEP-4 base, the ERC20, and OEP4 token lock, and developing the switching technology with our partner, Hexlant.

2) Beta Service Product Development

To stay on track with the scheduled release of our Beta service on August 26th, we are currently in the process of improving our backend API and frontend integration. Additionally, we are planning to test and develop our membership management, the overall main service screen, and genre-related function by this week.

That’s a wrap for the past two weeks! Aside from our Medium, follow us on Twitter and join our Kakao chat and Telegram to stay up-to-date with our latest announcements.


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