Over 1.3 Billion KARMA Was Burned

KARMA | 08.07| 229

KARMA is the first social network built on EOS. KARMA is social media designed for those who create the value, to actually earn it. Users earn KARMA from every like they receive.

After a full year since the initial airdrop, it was announced that any unclaimed KARMA would be burned. This was done to benefit existing KARMA holders who are actually active in the community and free up RAM that was stuck in-use paying for the unclaimed tokens.

This Burn Effected

KARMA received in the airdrop, where that account had done NOTHING.

- never sent any
- never powered up any
- never claimed any
- never acquired more or sold any

Literally ZERO activity for over a year.

Burn Results

The burn is complete. 1,313,119,009 KARMA was burned and no longer exists. The new total supply can be seen below and in real-time on the KARMA website.

KARMA Supply Can Be Found In Real-Time On

What does this mean?

Going forward, this means that KARMA is in the hands of active community members working to benefit the network. KARMA (token) aligns the interest of all community members in a number of ways. It represents influence over where new KARMA flows, and the burn mechanics throughout KARMA create a healthy and dynamic ecosystem, based on fundamentals.


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