EOSeoul to Move Neoply’s nBlocks Hunt onto Ontology

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Ontology has just announced EOSeoul as a new ecosystem partner and the two sides will work together in technology, product, and marketing on nBlocks Hunt, a new blockchain mobile game recently developed by Neoply, a Seoul-based startup accelerator and the operating entity of EOSeoul.

A classic title developed by the Neoply team, nBlocks Hunt is a location-based blockchain AR app that allows players to find and earn digital assets in the physical world. Now, the Neoply team is planning to move nBlocks Hunt to the Ontology blockchain. Under the partnership, Ontology will provide the underlying blockchain technology to help Neoply and EOSeoul move and operate the game smoothly, thus further enriching the Ontology dApp ecosystem.

Neoply is a well-known startup accelerator under NEOWIZ, a large South Korean online game company and has supported more than 100 startups. It is also the operating entity of EOSeoul.

Founded in 1997, NEOWIZ has released a series of hit titles, including TapSonic, CrossFire, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Rockman Online, and R2Beat.

For more information, please visit NEOWIZ’s website, EOSeoul’s Medium, and nBlocks Hunt’s website.

About EOSeoul

EOSeoul is a subsidiary of NEOWIZ Inc., one of the top video game developers and publishers based in South Korea with a history of over 20 years. The EOSeoul team is currently working on dApp games with AR technology. It is dedicated to creating a blockchain playground where players can have easy access to high-quality games.

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