Claim your KARMA by August 4th or they’ll be burned

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KARMA Burn On August 3rd

On July 1st, 2018 we used the EOS genesis block snapshot to airdrop billions of KARMA to over 100k accounts. Users received KARMA at a 9:1 ratio for every EOS that they had at the time of the snapshot. KARMA did the first “Fairdrop” in blockchain history. Whales with 250,000 EOS and above were capped. The most KARMA they could receive in the airdrop was 2,250,000 KARMA. This was done to create a more fair distribution of KARMA to EOS holders.

*If you acquired your KARMA any other way besides the initial airdrop, this burn won’t effect your KARMA.

Current Total Accounts With KARMA: 170,030

Why should I claim?

Any KARMA not claimed by August 4th, 2019 at Midnight CST will be burned. This means the KARMA will be destroyed and will no longer exist. This will lower the total supply of KARMA that exists.

Currently there’s approximately 1,434,550,71 KARMA that is unclaimed.

Within eosio blockchains, holding tokens in an account costs RAM. In order to airdrop a token to an eosio account, the sender (token contract) needs to pay for all receivers account’s ram needed to store the token until they take possession. By airdropping to all EOS accounts the ram required accumulates quite a bit and has a substantial cost. Receiving accounts can claim their tokens and effectively take the RAM cost of storing the tokens to themselves. Claiming your tokens helps to relieve us from the cost of paying for your RAM. Additionally you express your interest to the project by becoming an active community member.

How To Claim

It’s very simple. To claim possession of your KARMA you can send “any” amount of KARMA to any eosio account.

For Example: Send 0.0001 KARMA to “therealkarma” account and your tokens will be claimed by you and your account.

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- Leonardo DaVinci


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