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TTC partners with GOPAY, a blockchain-based mobile payment app, for the real-life utilization of cryptocurrencies

The TTC Foundation has signed an MOU with GOPAY to expand real-life use cases of TTC and TST-20 tokens.

Tigris Protocol is a decentralized financial (DeFi) service which provides a Collateralized Debt Service (CDS) and Staking as a Service (StaaS). In Tigris Protocol, users may collateralize their TTC (or TST-20 tokens in near future) to loan fiat-pegged stabled coins. Tigris Protocol also provides an opportunity for users to stake its native token CLAY and TTC coin for stable and continuous rewards. The rewards may be used for more loans and to pay the service fee for CDS.

The Tigris Protocol Whitepaper has also been released in Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Russian, and of course in English. For more information, please refer to the official Whitepaper released in the language of your choosing.

Introducing GOPAY

GOPAY is an mobile payment app, with which users can register credit/debit cards and make offline payments easily by scanning QR code with their smartphones. Any merchants, from large stores to hand-pushed food carts, can accept payment with a QR code (no POS terminal required).

GOPAY incentives each payment with tokens, promoting its usage and improving the overall payment UX. It only supports payments via credit/debit cards at the moment, and will soon support cash and crypto payments as well.

GOPAY is the first blockchain-based mobile payment service to partner with every convenient store brands in Korea — over 40,000 brick-and-mortar stores under brands such as CU, GS25, 7-Eleven, Ministop, BuytheWay, and Emart24. Moreover, it added Korea’s largest department store chain, Lotte Department Store, to its merchant partner list.

With a simple touch of a button, anyone in Korea can make a payments with GOPAY in all convenient stores and branches of Lotte Department Store.

Download GOPAY: Google Play Store| Apple App Store

Use TTC in real-life, just like that

The TTC Foundation is attempting to expand the usage of TTC and TST-20 tokens by launching Tigris Protocol and through various partnerships.

  • Stable coin usage: Just like any other fiat currency, Tigris Protocol stable coins are stable in value. Both the merchants and customers from all over the world can transact without worrying about the volatility of a cryptocurrency with Tigris Protocol stable coins.
  • Tigris Debit Card Usage: When the Tigris Debit Card is released, it will be registerable on GOPAY for mobile payments just like any other credit/debit cards. The Tigris Debit Card allows users to pay on/offline with various cryptocurrencies, granting convenience to cryptocurrency holders.
  • Direct usage of TTC and TST-20: In the near future, TTC Pay and GOPAY will allow cryptocurrency holders to utilize their assets to pay a merchant for their goods, directly. This not only guarantees a very low fee for purchasing it will also expand the TTC Ecosystem for a much vibrant environment.

If you have any further questions, please contact us through our Telegram group or email.

Thank you.

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