Kakao’s blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’ introduces their service partners

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Demonstrated services in nine areas, including digital contents·beauty·commerce.
Announced its 8 new partners…Kakao, accelerating the commerce ecosystem expansion
During ‘Klaytn Mainnet Launch’ event at Songeun Art Space held on June 25th, Choi Johnwook CTO of Cosmochain introduced its official service FitsMe, a Klaytn-based beauty application released in late May.

Actual services for Kakao’s blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’ are now revealed. The official announcement was held at the ‘Klaytn Mainnet Launch’ event on Tuesday afternoon at the Gangnam Songeun Art Space.

“We launched Klaytn because we felt there were so many social values that Kakao could create from blockchain by utilizing assets held by Kakao,” said Han Jae-sun, CEO of GroundX, a blockchain subsidiary of Kakao. “Although the development process was not easy, we were able to create and launch it by exchanging feedback together with our partners.”

At the event, Klaytn’s initial service partners showcased their Klaytn-based blockchain services.

Jeong Ji-woong CEO of Haemukja, a food recommendation platform that has 3 million users, said, “We are going to soon release ‘Haemuk 3.0’ together with Kakao Klaytn’s Mainnet based on our experience from launching Haemukja.” Haemuk 3.0 is a blockchain service that reward users for posting a food review with a Klaytn-based, compatible cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency recived from Haemuk 3.0 can be used like cash at the restaurants of star chefs Choi Hyun-suk and Oh Se-deuk.

“It seems restaurants are satisfied with the influx of new customers (cryptocurrency users), and so are the users as they get benefits by leaving a good review,” Jeong said.

Choi Johnwook, a chief technology officer (CTO) of Cosmochain, which operates blockchain-based beauty platform services, said as a lecturer, “I realized something important in the early stages of the blockchain service operation — It’s that what we need to focus is user and service, not blockchain itself.”

Choi added, “No matter how good the technology is, the service never runs properly unless the user uses the service. This is especially true for beauty services Cosmochain is targeting. We are trying to hide the complex functions of blockchain and make a user-friendly service.

On July 5, Cosmochain updated its beauty service “FitsMe,” which was released in late May, into a Klaytn-based service. FitsMe is a beauty service that recommends personalized cosmetics based on blockchain. When a user responds with his or her personal beauty information within the FitsMe app, FitsMe recommends cosmetics based on those user-specific data.

Nam Roi, CEO of Airbloc Protocol, who analyzes advertisement data from mobile devices said, “Although there is a rapid increase in the number of personal data usage around the world, there isn’t any market in Korea where we can trade personal data,” explaining why Airbloc is using Klaytn blockchain to operate personal data exchange platform service.

“If companies put just a few lines of code into the service app, customers will be able to monetize their personal data through Airbloc after agreeing on the collection of personal data,” Nam said. “The series of processes are stored through blockchain smart contract functions, and individual data sellers can be compensated with cryptocurrency,” he said

At the event, other blockchain based services were demonstrated as well, including ‘Pibble,’ the social media service with cryptocurrency compensation function, ‘Spin Protocol,’ the commerce ecosystem for Social Influencers, ‘Piction Network,’ the digital contents market based on blockchain, ‘Insureum,’ the insurance related compensation and billing service on blockchain network, and ‘Cloudbric’ the blockchain data collection and sharing platform for data security attack.

By San Ha Kim

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Cosmochain is a blockchain-based beauty project, that aims to build an ecosystem which enables the transfer of fair values between users and companies within the beauty industry. During its three-month pilot service from August to November, 2018, COSMEE recorded DAU of 30,000 and registered users of 150,000. Cosmochain’s official service FitsMe is scheduled to launch within first half of 2019. Cosmochain plans to expand to overall lifestyle industry in the future.

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