Community Node Programme relaunched

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We are going to lease 10,000+ WAVES to new full nodes, giving them a boost for their participation in ‘Game of Nodes’.

In addition to the ‘Game of Nodes’ competition, we are relaunching the Community Node Program. The idea is to give new full node owners the opportunity to join the competition and win a prize. In the autumn we are expecting mining revenues to increase significantly, since the RIDE language has been launched on mainnet and more dApps are coming to the ecosystem. Get ready now and start your own node!

Requirements for participation

Each participant must have a node with a generating balance of at least 1,000 WAVES — either in the node’s own account, or leased to it. If you already have this, simply apply using this form:

Consideration of applications may take up to two weeks from the date of submission. The status of applications can be checked here:

What will I get?

If you are successful you will receive at least 10,000 WAVES in leases, or even more to add to your stake (generating balance) for six months — increasing your chances of mining blocks and receiving revenues. Last but not least, you’ll get the opportunity to take part in ‘Game of Nodes’ — and you’ll be off to a flying start.

The decision of whether to lease WAVES to your node will be taken on different criteria — for example, how active the applicant is in developing their node and attracting leases from the community. Similarly it will work in your favour if you are building a project using Waves technologies. The following will also improve your chances:

– A Twitter account with an established community

– A Telegram channel with an established community

– A site or project built on Waves

We reserve the right to reject participation in the programme without explanation.

I don’t have a node — how do I get one?

You decide how and where to set up your node — here are links to instructions. If you have any questions, please ask them in the developer chat. Remember that setting up the node is only half the battle. You will also need to maintain it:

– Update your node’s software with the most recent Waves node releases. You can find them here — subscribe to the repository so you never miss an update. You can find the update manual here.

– Monitor the performance of your node, monitor the state of the node (use the monitoring tools provided by your hosting solution, if you rent an instance) and respond in a timely way to any problems, if they occur. This may require additional system administration skills.

Don’t be evil

Nodes that receive leases from Waves team every month will be checked for the following:

  • Whether the node is generating blocks. If the node has not generated any blocks in the last month, we will withdraw our lease.
  • If the owners of the nodes behave dishonestly, deceive their leasers, do not fulfill their obligations or if there are legitimate complaints from the community, we will take measures and withdraw our lease.

Just do it!

We are accepting applications from everyone! If you have been a member of this program in the past, you can still apply. If you have any questions, please ask them in the developer chat.

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