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Slave network will be prepared & the Representative selection algorithm will improve

The Main network Rigi is planned to hardfork at block height 2,968,888 (estimated to be on July 17th, 2019). The hardfork will implement two major upgrades: Preparing Slave network for deployment and improving the Representative selection mechanism.

Preparation of Slave Network

Slave networks will be prepared for deployment on the TTC main network with the hardfork. After a brief stabilization period, Slave networks will be properly deployed and start block producing.

Slave networks primarily focus on recording large amounts of behavioral data from DAPPs with a large user base. It provides a much improved UX and user-friendly environment as it can process data faster than the Master network.

The gas fee required for recording data onto Slave networks will be paid by DAPP developers, not the users, where additional Slave networks can be paid for gas and connected parallel for an even faster processing of increased usage.

Acorn Protocol will soon be open tested on the hardforked Rigi with tata v7.0 (currently tataUFO), a social network in China with 16M registered users. This will provide us insight on what to improve to better accommodate the system to embrace 20M+ additional users.

You can earn ACN by using tata when open testing begins

Download tataUFO: Register now for ACN rewards
Download TTC Connect: Collect your rewards on your mobile

Representative Algorithm Improvements

The hardfork will also implement improvements to the penalty system of the Representative selection algorithm. Other minor bugs will also be fixed.

Through the help, cooperation, and active communication of our engaged community members, we upgraded our algorithm to allow Representatives with high productivities to sustain high tiers. In our consensus, higher tier Representatives produce more blocks; thus, it is ideal for competitive ones to be in top tiers.

As Representatives will be responsible for block producing for both networks, the enhanced algorithm will help the ecosystem prepare better for the testing and launching of Acorn Protocol, which will bring about heavy data input from a large user base.

Via the July hardfork, mass adoption of blockchain has come one step closer with TTC. We expect the algorithm improvements tied with the deployment of Slave network will not only promote more competitive Representatives to join the ecosystem, but also better optimize the network for the millions of users to come aboard.

We will continue our efforts to improve the entirety of our projects and keep cooperating with our supportive community. So stay tuned.

If you have any further questions, please contact us through our Telegram group or email.

Thank you.

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