KARMA Launches A New Website & Branding

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KARMA Launches A New Website & Branding

Medellin, July 23, 2019 — The release of the new website comes at a very exciting time in the development of KARMA. After the recent launch of tipping/boosting & KARMA Usernames, the project is quickly gaining momentum. Like all things in life, KARMA will continue to evolve and this marks the start of a whole new look for KARMA.

How It Works:

This sections gives site visitors a quick glance at some of the key features of KARMA.

How it works on

So many exciting things are on the way for KARMA here’s a few:
1. Ability to boost others posts
2. Categories
3. “Dark Mode”

And several more exciting things….

KARMA: Social Media For Good

Stay Connected With KARMA:

Take a look at the new site here:

Join the telegram group here:

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