MovieBloc Global Community Quiz Event Result is Out!

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MovieBloc’s Quiz event ended last week. For two weeks, July 8th to 19th, more than 50 people participated and we have eleven winners! (10th tied)

Our Winners List :

1st place : cattacat
2nd place : azure0608
3rd place: nathan_yu
4th place: dnoir13
5th place: choiseoungyoun
6th place: Adenike0550
7th place: lhjun00
8th place: cjb123
9th place: DuMonTiSkOoo
10th place: djchahal, imfuntik
Please note the actual rewards has changed due to the 25% decrease on the ETH value since our announcement of this quiz.

For all the winners, big congratulations, and please pm @jangyulll on telegram with your ERC-20 address by 25th July, and we will send ETH reward to you.

Thank you all for participating, and hope our community members had some chance to know more about MovieBloc!


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