Development update on Verge #25

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Development Update on Verge #25

10x engineers did some amazing stuffs this week! (nerd joke)

Verge iOS Wallet (by Swen)

We planned for what’s coming in the next version of the iOS wallet (v1.2.0) and also started working on the various parts that need to be integrated. You might have already seen the upcoming Mars Mode created by Ivan! Well it’s gorgeous and we hope you’ll like it when it comes in the next release!

Paper Wallet Sweeping

V1.2.0 will also support paper wallet sweeping. This works by the wallet capturing your private key and resolving it’s public address. Once resolved, it will fetch the full amount and inputs for the address. It will create a raw transaction with one of your iOS receive addresses then broadcast the transaction to the blockchain. After that, you’ll see a new received transaction being added to the transaction list!

Beta Phase First

We’ll be inviting our community to join us in the beta phase for this next release and the upcoming future releases to ensure a robust application for the people who don’t want to be bothered with any nerdy stuff! Remember this will override the original App Store version… but if you decide to not run the beta versions anymore you can easily reinstall the App Store version afterwards! Your help is greatly appreciated anyway!

Join the beta program:

Verge Core (By Marpme)

Internal Stuff

Obviously, it’s too “internal” for you to know about (yet) but we are reorganising our processes and improving the way we work, tremendously.

Miners here, Dog there — I just see numbers everywhere.

We’re still discussing the hows, the whys, the whats, to really ensure everything works out. There is a bunch of stuff that needs to be transferred between v4 and v5, while it isn’t necessary, we’re walking a line between a soft-fork or further development to make it fully compatible.

I’ll keep you updated on that one, but this is just too technical to even try to break it down. I honestly hope to resolve this issue soon to focus on more user-facing stuff. If you are still interested have a look at:

Verge Android Wallet (By Manuel)

Hey fellow readers, here we are again with a nice update on Android. I’ll be honest here, I’ve not been doing much. Had two family members got their undergraduation so, spent some time with friends and family!

Besides, I’m not going to tell you how the restaurant service was great, but let’s jump on what has been done indeed.


It’s time for our Android app to jump to 2019 and add Continuous Integration! For the Layman People reading here, this will basically allow me to know if everytime I submit some code on GitHub I broke something, I altered some behaviour, etc. It’s nothing really exciting for you but it’s really useful for me since I’m getting also more contributions from the outside.

Wallet Pin

The other basic but important feature the wallet was missing was the PIN. Yep, it’s still in the works but you can see a couple preview images here:

You’ll hear from us in two weeks!

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