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Aion | 07.18| 282

The Aion Dashboard UI and API are key pieces to providing visibility into the Aion blockchain. The Dashboard UI allows users to view transactions, token transfers, analytics and other activity on the Aion Smart Contract Platform. The Dashboard API allows developers to access data for accounts, blocks, and transactions from within their apps.

Motivation for the update

The motivation for this update was to achieve feature parity between Java and Solidity on the Dashboard. A new controller versioning convention was implemented on the API to eliminate breaking changes on the Dashboard. This allows developers going forward to be certain that new dashboard releases will not contain any breaking changes.

New Features

  1. Block rewards are now supplied by the Aion Kernel rather than being calculated by the API.
  2. ATS tokens written in the AVM Scripting Language can now be read by the Dashboard.
  3. ATS token transfers and balances can now be read by the Dashboard.
  4. A new controller with the new endpoints /v2/dashboard/block and /v2/dashboard/transaction was added.

Bug Fixes

  1. There was an issue which caused transactions that contained token transfers to return an incorrect value. This has been fixed.

Breaking changes

  1. Users of the Aion Dashboard ETL will need to perform a full network sync in order to update to the new version of the ETL.
  2. Users of the Aion Dashboard API will now need to parse the tokenTransfers field in the transaction to view the token transfer value.

You can now view the updated Mainnet Dashboard and Mastery Testnet Dashboard.

You can also view the Dashboard API docs.

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