1 YEAR | How to win 32,100 ONG with 85 lines of code?

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To pay our respect to every blockchain developer, we launched “the Ontology Klein Bottle Contest”, a technical challenge with unlimited solutions on June 29th on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Ontology MainNet launch.

The challenge could have as many solutions as possible. This was aimed to encourage developers worldwide to stretch their minds and come up with the optimal solution by exploring the limits of blockchain technology.

From June 29th to July 4th, we have received a dozen solutions from participants around the world. The contest also sparked up detailed technical discussions on Ontology’s Discord channel, below are some of the discussions.

After careful review, the 85 lines of codes submitted by @backslash47 from the Czech Republic passed all the test cases, the codes are as below:

See the source code on our GitHub.

There is also a little anecdote. Just 15 seconds after code submission was closed at 10:00 on July 4th, a developer by the name of @littlebubble2015 submitted a solution, which, after testing, turned out to be the optimal solution.

Based on the principles of fairness and transparency, we gave the rewards to @backslash47, who passed all the test cases within the time required. According to the contest rules, he won a total of 32,100 ONG.

Like we said before, “just as you can never fill up a Klein Bottle, it is nevertheless a great achievement to explore the profound meaning of the universe within the limited space.” We are deeply impressed by what all the participants did to explore the limits of blockchain technology. Some of the participants also told us what they value most is not so much the prize as the chance to exchange ideas with and learn from other developers. This is what we have been doing and we will continue to promote the blockchain spirit in future events.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the developers for your participation. We hope the spirit of exploration the Klein Bottle Contest has sparked will be passed on and we look forward to having more exchange of ideas with global developers to improve the Ontology technical community. Stay tuned for more developer events to come!

Are you a developer? Make sure you have joined our tech community on Discord. Also, take a look at the Developer Center on our website, there you can find developer tools, documentation, and more.

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