How to trade MEET.ONE on Binance DEX?

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Dear Binancians & MEETONE token holders

Binance DEX has listed MEET.ONE (MEETONE) and opened trading with the pair MEETONE/BNB this morning. Users who have locked up your MEETONE tokens on the MEET.ONE Chain through cross-chain transfer to the Binance Chain have already received the corresponding tokens named MEETONE-031 in your Binance Chain accounts.

To thank for all community members’ supports, we will host a trading airdrop from 00:00 AM, 20/07/2019 (UTC) to 00:00 AM, 19/08/2019 (UTC). The total reward pool will be 3,350 BNBs and 12,000,000 MEETONE tokens! Learn more details about the trading airdrop.

1. How to trade MEET.ONE on Binance DEX?

A. Open Binance DEX Link (, click “Unlock Wallet” on the upper right corner.

B. Click “ Get WalletConnect QR Code” .

C. Open the Binance Chain account page in your MEET.ONE Wallet, and click “Scan” .

D. Use MEET.ONE Wallet to scan the QR code on the PC screen

E. Click“Confirm” on your MEET.ONE Wallet and keep the MEET.ONE wallet login for later transaction confirmations. (Never close MEET.ONE wallet)

F. Seting to “Buy” or “Sell” MEETONE on the bottom right corner in Binance DEX page


a. If you want to buy MEETONE, go to “ Buy MEETONE” colunm. Just set the “Price”, “Amount” , and the total cost of BNB will be automatically calculated.

b. If you want to sell MEETONE, go to “Sell MEETONE” colunm. Just set the “Price”, “Amount”, and the total earning of BNB will be automatically calculated.

G. Click “Confirm “ on your wallet for authentication and the transaction can be requested instantly.

2. How to create Binance Chain account?

A. Open MEET.ONE wallet, click the account name on the upper left corner , and then tap “Create” in a new page.

B. Select “Binance wallet”, set your wallet password

C. Save the private key accurately and tap “Done” , then your account is successfully created.


The private key represents the ownership of the account. Once lost or stolen, it will cause irreparable loss of assets. Please do not use the network to share or store the private key. The private key in the figure is just an example.

D. After your Binance Chain account successfully created, Click “More”, then search MEETONE token in the search box and add it in the new page.


Download MEET.ONE wallet:

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