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Charity work has been regarded as a major adoption scenario by IOST since our mainner launch in February. Recently, iost-Q.E.D, a Korean development team as well as an IOST partner node, has partnered with Apopo, a world-renowned charitable NGO to develop Herorats, a DApp closely relating to real word charitable work.

Every year, tens of thousands of people die or get injured because of landmines left behind from past wars. As of today, there are still over 110M hidden landmines affecting people across 50 countries, refraining them from freely cultivating their lands. Finding a landmine with a metal detector is dangerous and slow.

Herorats are much lighter than humans and can avoid setting off the landmine and quickly and safely detect landmines and explosives using their enhanced olfactory system. African pouched rats are known to be able to smell the explosives 1.5 times better than trained dogs.

Help Train Herorats To Save The World

All donation from Herorats will go to Apopo Foundation which helps countries suffering from landmines to raise money and train poached rats.

Players can donate some amount of money directly to Apopo after winning a round of game. Now Herorats only supports IOST and users can play it on OnBlock and its own website.

Herorats website:

Donate to charity while exploring Herorats. Players can check the amount you donate in the ranking menu.

Linking IOST with Traditional Gamers through Traditional Payment Methods

Apart from IOST, players can use Paypal and Credit card to buy bananas in Herorats and play the DApp. After winning a round of game, a certain amount of donation will automatically to go Apopo Charity.

As the first DApp supporting Paypal and credit card payment, Herorats successfully linked the traditional gaming market and crypto market. Players can explore the game by traditional online payment and win IOST, which can help IOST expand to non-crypto users and grow its communities.

How to Play Herorats

Rules are simple. They are same as any other minesweeper games. In Herorats, however, players can choose difficulty by selecting one of the countries that have different map sizes and varying number of mines. Herorats tried to reflect the actual landmine density of each country.

Players can play Herorats in three different play modes, [Gates Mode], [Scrooge Mode], and [Practice Mode]. Each mode represents different amount of rewards and donations.

● Players can claim larger reward and donation with [Gates Mode] and [Scrooge Mode], but they require Bananas which can be bought or gifted.

● [Gates Mode]: When players choose [Gates Mode], approximately 18% of the total reward pool accrued at each round will be given to the players. Approximately 21% will be donated to Apopo Foundation. (Yes, we were inspired from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.)

● [Scrooge Mode]: If you are only interested in maximizing your own reward pool (No offense), you can choose to play as Scrooge and claim approximately 35% of the total reward pool accrued at a specific round, leaving only about 4% for the foundation.

● [Practice Mode]: 1% of total reward pool, either Gates or Scrooge Mode, will be transferred to [Practice Mode]. Players can STILL donate by winning the map. (Tiny rewards in this mode)

● 50% of the reward pool will be transferred to the next round

The game also implements a hash verification feature to ensure transparency and fairness of a game. The coordinates of the mines are encoded and converted into different colors of a rat. This colored rat will be shown to the players before game play, notifying that they are not playing the same landmine map. Data conversion process will be applied after the game to check if the colors remain the same.


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