Crypto Gaming and Where It Goes From Here

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If Super Mario had a dollar for every time he was told that one day, he would be able to race someone on the other side of the world he would be out of pocket as well as out of gas! A few decades ago, crypto gaming seemed as bizarre as beating Bowser without a cable even attached to the joypad. The future is now folks. Crypto gaming startups are popping up across the web like acne on the face of a teenager!

Fun and Games in Minsk

Towards the back end of 2018, the first Crypto Games Conference took place in the capital city of Belarus. With well over 600 computer nerds merging in from over 25 countries, it’s clear that the mortal is trying to combat the old ways of console and TV. As crypto gaming startups are not only on the horizon but firmly integrated into the present day, it is somewhat relieving to know the security of blockchain gaming experiences is being documented more diligently.

Hailing from a host of different countries across the globe, 65 international speakers took their place on the podium to deliver speeches about the crypto-gaming foundation. These men and women are the blueprints of this industry and it is to be said, the next generation of crypto-gaming symphonists who will undoubtedly take some of their inspiration from this single moment in tech history.

Many useful insights were shared by Vladimir Tomko, the reputed game producer and CEO of Blockchain Cuties. According to the Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, Blockchain Cuties was voted as the best current crypto game in the world. Now if this doesn’t validate a good speech at an online gaming event, who knows what will? One thing that makes Blockchain Cuties so unique is its strong community, something which instantly reassures new users that a particular crypto game is a safe bet, but we’ll delve further into the safety of gaming later.

Within just half a year, the crypto gaming community has grown significantly as more than 1,000 people were in attendance at the third installation of the Crypto Games Conference. Round 3 also rumbled in Minsk; this two-day action-packed event was loaded with over 100 speakers and 150 gaming brands, shot to perfection by roughly 50 different media companies. Speakers from world-famous companies like NEO and EverdreamSoft spoke in depth about issues such as open in-game economies, liquidity in games, and legal and regulatory issues. Panel discussions were spread across three different halls and indie game developer exhibitions were lapped up by the biggest blockchain gaming community. These discussions gave the media and investors an opportunity to stumble upon the most promising and innovative games of the future, whether they were still in the development stage or had already been commercially released.

Are You Ahead Of The Game?

If you’re Sonic the Hedgehog and you’re travelling too fast and crash into something, what happens? You lose all your loot! The same thing can happen if you’re heading through the crypto gaming world too quickly. You’re so excited and the anticipation of first discovering the next hidden gem is almost too much to bear. Before you know it, a prickly surprise pops up to greet you in the form of a ‘server down temporarily’ message. This leaves Dr Robotnic to initiate another dishonest crypto gaming startup with his ill-acquired revenue from innocent gamers.

According to Ciphertrace, over $1.2 billion USD in cryptocurrency has been stolen in the first quarter of 2019 alone, a figure which doesn’t inspire a volt-load of confidence. Dangers of this magnitude are more than likely to filter into the crypto gaming industry, bringing us to the question, “what can we do to protect ourselves?”

Celebrity endorsement might as well be the 10 Commandments nowadays: if Brad Pitt loves it, then it must be legit. Scammers know this and exploit such influence for their own benefit. Look out for your favourite celebrities tweeting about the hottest new crypto gaming websites. There is a possibility that these are actually fake profile postings with the intent of getting unsuspecting victims to ‘sign up today’ — con artists aren’t the most patient breed. Posts of this nature will almost certainly be authenticated by a few wingbots so keep your guard up to be on the safe side. Use your common sense if an offer seems too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

Thankfully, blockchain is standing in the consumer’s corner and is battling the wrath of cybercriminals like Duke Nukem on steroids. One of the biggest drawbacks of blockchain games at the moment is their visual quality which is not exactly bursting with magnificence. However, to balance this argument, while those elements have been placed on the back burner, progress has been made of late. Blockchain games offer complete transparency, as well as a more secure way to store objects and tokens, consequently instilling more trust into the crypto-gaming world.

Crypto gaming startups will continue to grow in popularity as there are currently more than 2.5 billion gamers across the globe. The grim news is that some of these startups will be nothing more than con artists who prey on the young and naive. The good news is that blockchain is offering a safety net for this thriving cartel of gaming junkies. Video quality isn’t yet as high, but that doesn’t mean that all non-blockchain crypto gaming sites are picture-perfect. There is also the risk element to consider when playing on non-blockchain sites. One way you can be more certain of the credibility of sites like these is to do some research first and read reviews.

For your Review

The blockchain safety net is a huge asset to serious gamers who take this pastime seriously, protecting them from nefarious scams and sub-standard products. But let’s not overlook the other, just-as-important value proposition blockchain can provide the gaming community — a transparent and immutable voice, the opportunity to participate in the development, growth, and ultimate success of blockchain-based gaming projects.

Revain’s Platform provides the opportunity for gamers to converse with like-minded individuals. It offers a forum to share unique insider thoughts and perspectives as well as the opportunity to endorse rising stars or bring to light the questionable.

Currently, The Platform hosts a number of blockchain-based projects in the gaming niche. For example, GameCredits (rated 3.7 stars) aims to become universally accepted cryptocurrency, bridging multiple gaming platforms and “to accelerate the wide adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies”; (currently not rated) is an exchange where gamers can trade digital assets, and claims to be serving “billions of players all over the world”; and Kubera Coin (currently not rated) allows gamers to bet on P2P gaming outcomes where results are consistent and “provably fair,” as well as immutable.

All of these projects are currently on Revain’s Review Platform inviting player reviews and analysis which will help others evaluate company credibility and possibly shed light on future outcomes or spinoffs.

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