The launch of fine dust monitoring app with reward system, MiseTokTok

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This July 8th, Humanscape has launched ‘MiseTokTok’, the very first fine dust monitoring app with reward system.

On ‘MiseTokTok’, you can not only monitor the level of fine dust concentration in real time, but earn ‘Tok points’ by participating in ‘Daily TokTok’ activity(survey, quiz, etc) and check social data(other users’ response and ways of dealing with fine dust, etc) — which makes MiseTokTok different from other monitoring apps.

The ‘Tok points’ can be used to purchase vouchers or converted into HUM. Collected social data will be utilized for basic study on fine dust and fine dust-related product and service recommendation to users.

Also, blockchain technology applied to MiseTokTok guarantees data integrity when used for researches and will be used to provide compensation to users in return for the data they input in transparent manner. MiseTokTok being listed on Samsung Galaxy S10’s Key Store that supports cryptocurrency wallet feature will make it even easier for users to use the app who might not be as familiar with using cryptocurrency.

  1. Fine dust concentration and weather monitoring in real time

MiseTokTok focuses on the essentials with simple and easy UI/UX. There is no complicated numbers or data that make it difficult for users to check necessary data at a glance.

2. Social data collection and reward system

‘Would other people outside have worn masks today?’, ‘Will it be okay to go out with kids today?’

On MiseTokTok, users can participate in DailyTokTok, in a form of survey or quiz, and enter their data on how they cope with fine dust issue and also check other people’s answer in statistics. In return for the participation, users will be rewarded with Tok points.

3. Tok conversion into voucher or HUM

Users can either buy vouchers with Tok or convert them into HUM to cash out or use them on other Humanscape services.

While verifying business potential of PGHD utilization in vertical sector through MOAAH, we expect to do the same in public health sector through MiseTokTok with social data.

The beta test and updates will be ongoing approximately for 2 months and regular version will be launched and promoted accordingly in the 4th quarter, when fine dust concentration level drastically increases in Korea.

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