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TEMCO, selected for Tribe Accelerator Program

In March, after competing with numerous startup companies, TEMCO was selected for the Tribe Accelerator’s startup growth acceleration program. Tribe Accelerator provides startup growth programs and the company derived from TRIVE, a venture capitalist in Singapore. TRIVE, for the past 7 years has contributed to the growth of more than 800 startups.

Tribe Accelerator has been recognized by many, as being supported by the Singapore government, working with global corporations such as Intel, Nielson, Johnson & Johnson, HSBC, BMW Asia and more. In following, the startups participating in the growth program are involved in creating a network with the supporting globally renowned companies mentioned.

TEMCO’s global demo tour with Tribe Accelerator

Since the beginning of Tribe Accelerator's startup growth program, TEMCO acquired many quality results from attending the masterclass event, mentor sessions, and more. The 4-month long program will continue with the tour around 4 countries, networking and presenting ideas of further development plans.

TEMCO team will proceed Tribe Accelerator’s program with the demo tour of GUHADA, the blockchain-based e-commerce platform for sales of luxury products around 4 countries of Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, and San Francisco. For the tour, there is a heightened expectation by many, since the demo tour will involve attendance of the globally renowned companies as mentioned above, Intel, Nielson, Johnson & Johnson, HSBC, BMW Asia, also including Singapore government personnel, and traditional venture capitalists.

TEMCO plans on demonstrating the characteristics and functions of GUHADA platform of its blockchain combined technology for the e-commerce platform. Such functions and characteristics include tracking distribution records, verification of data through blockchain, smart contract confirmations, user-friendly functions and more. July 3rd is the first day of the demo tour, which is in Facebook headquarters of Singapore. After finishing the beta demo presentation of GUHADA in Singapore, TEMCO will proceed the tour through Shanghai, Seoul, and San Francisco.

The tour itself is a great opportunity for the TEMCO, and it is not common for many startup companies to be selected to network with globally renowned corporations as mentioned above. This opportunity will facilitate and accelerate the growth of TEMCO as a globally recognized company with more opportunities to come.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data and E-Commerce Solution through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

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