First co-work event with our partner STP: Micro Token Offering (MTO)

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Dear MovieBloc community,

Last week, we shared a partnership announcement with our strategic partner STP. (Click here to see the announcement)

To launch our long-term partnership with STP, we are delighted to announce the MTO (Micro Token Offering) event. MTO is a token offering presented by STP for STPT token holders. The STPT token holders can win top-quality project’s tokens at a significantly discounted price.

STP shares and appreciates the vision and value of MovieBloc and hosted us to be the first partner of MTO event. By this event, MovieBloc expects to not only acquire 50 additional MBL holders but also increase the awareness of MovieBloc throughout the STP’s ecosystem participants. For detailed guidelines of participating in MTO, please see below link.

Micro Token Offering (MTO) - Standard Tokenization Protocol - Medium

This MTO event will be the kick-off of the long-term partnership between STP and MovieBloc, and both sides will collaborate on many different aspects in the future.

We thank you for your love and support!


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More information on STP is available below
STP Homepage:
STP Telegram:
STP Announcement:
STP WeChat: STP_Official
STP KakaoTalk:

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