TTC Pay Now Supports TST-20 Token Payments

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TTC also introduced a new game DAPP and updated the existing game DAPPs

On track with the roadmap we shared days ago, we just released an updated version of TTC Pay and a new DAPP on TTC Connect. Shining Run and Build House also have had some updates regarding its rules.

TST-20 Tokens Supported on TTC Pay

Starting with ACN, TTC Pay now supports TST-20 token payment. We expect this update to help constitute a richer and much colorful ecosystem where users, DAPPs, advertisers, protocols, and third-party services have less restriction in financial transactions.

Anyone can trade ACN on the TTC Decentralized Exchange (TDEX) in TTC Connect. More TST-20 tokens will be supported on TTC Pay and TDEX in the near future.

Flappy Bird Launched on TTC Connect

We also launched Flappy Bird, the first game DAPP on TTC Connect to showcase how easily one can pay with ACN. Flappy Bird is designed for all ages, with simple and intuitive game play. Fly your bird as far as possible by simply touching the screen to avoid obstacles.

Rules & Rewards

  1. A player must pay 10 ACN to play.
  2. Players can earn ACN based on your score. The further you fly, the more ACN rewards you will get.
  3. A player must score higher than 1 to be eligible for the rewards.
  4. A player can earn up to maximum of 400 ACN in a day.
  5. The rewards will be distributed in real-time on a first come first served basis, until a daily rewards pool of 80,000 ACN runs out.
  6. The daily rewards pool is refilled everyday at 00:00 (UTC+8).
  7. Each player can only play with 1 TTC Connect account linked to 1 smartphone.

Shining Run & Build House Updated

Shining Run and Build House, two game DAPPs on TTC Connect, have been updated to require less to play and to provide rewards to more players. Here are the key updates.

Key Changes

  1. A player now can play a game with 1 TTC (changed from 2 TTC before).
  2. A player can earn up to maximum of 10 TTC in a day (lowered from 20 TTC before).
  3. The daily rewards pool remains 4,000 TTC as before.

More DAPPs will be launched for Acorn Alliance and TTC users on TTC Connect as Acorn protocol is further optimized and TTC Blockchain is broadly utilized. Stay tuned.

If you have any further questions, please contact us through our Telegram group or email.

Thank you.

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