2019 Roadmap Update & Recent Developments

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Roadmap details for June, July, and August along with recent developments including tataUFO

TTC Foundation has made major developments during the first half of 2019, such as launching its main network and introducing new DAPPs on TTC Connect. Today, we are here to share updates about the roadmap of TTC Blockchain, Acorn Protocol, and a newly founded Decentralized Finance (DeFi) service, Tigris Protocol.

Before we introduce the updated roadmap, let us summarize some recent developments.

Recent Developments

The TTC Foundation has been developing and improving upon various aspects of all ongoing projects. Here are 3 key accomplishments:

  1. By launching an event called Lucky Box, the TTC Ecosystem has acquired over 130,000 new active TTC Connect users even after excluding abusers. The team also significantly enhanced the UI of TTC Connect and its DAPPs by listening to various user feedbacks.
  2. For Acorn Protocol, TTC Foundation have completed developing anti-abusing solutions along with an audit solution for newly on-boarding users.
  3. The new-branding of tataUFO has been completed. Along with the launch of Acorn Protocol, users will be able to experience a brand new tata.

Roadmap Update

By disclosing the roadmap of TTC Blockchain, Acorn Protocol, and Tigris Protocol, we would like to share to the public how TTC Foundation accomplished, and will further accomplish, a synergy among projects for a much vitalized ecosystem.


  • TTC Pay SDK official update (TST-20 payments supported)
  • Acorn Protocol SDK official version release
  • TTC test network Merapi Hardfork
    — Improvements in the Representative selection mechanism
     — Slave chain block production


  • Tigris Protocol project whitepaper and website publicized
  • TTC main network Rigi hardfork
    Improvements in the Representative selection mechanism
     — Slave chain block production
  • tata v7.0 official update
  • Acorn Protocol official main network open test begins
  • TTC Scan update


  • Tigris Protocol open test begins
  • Acorn Protocol official launch & bounty begins

Before the 2nd quarter ends, TTC Foundation will release the official Acorn Protocol SDK, an essential component for Acorn Alliance DAPPs to achieve compatibility with the TTC main network. TTC Pay SDK will also be updated to support TST-20 token payments as well. Services and merchants, tokenized or not, that wish to offer their users a convenient payment solution with TTC Pay will have more than one currency to utilize. Lastly, Slave chains which allow services with a mass user base to record and access data will be integrated into the Test network Merapi as the internal testing is near conclusion.

In July, Tigris Protocol’s Whitepaper and website will be released. It will disclose the details of the DeFi services that will be operated on the TTC Blockchain. Parallel to Tigris Protocol, Slave networks are scheduled to be officially integrated into the Main network Rigi through a hardfork. Along with the tata v7.0 launch, Acorn Protocol will begin its main network open testing as well. As soon as the open testing begins, a certain amount of ACN will be synced with the the Acorn Rewards Engine and start being rewarded to users.

In August, the official launch of Acorn Protocol and the open testing of Tigris Protocol is expected.

There are many more features of each project being developed and prepared for the mass adoption of blockchain. Stay tuned for our announcements.

If you have any further questions, please contact us through our Telegram group or email.

Thank you.

TTC Foundation

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