Content Boosting & Tipping Launches On KARMA

KARMA | 06.14| 384

After months of development we’re excited to announce two fantastic features now live on KARMA.

BOOST: Use KARMA (token) to promote your content to show up higher in the popular feed and get more attention to your content.

TIP: Directly tip content creators on their post. 100% of your tip goes to the content creator of your choice.

Content Boosting

The ability to boost your post is a crucial aspect of the tokenomics for KARMA. This adds a tremendous use case for the KARMA (token) in addition to the existing utility (influence) already being used daily by the community.

Initially, 50% of all KARMA used to “boost posts” will be burned. The burning of KARMA will help to offset newly created tokens from inflation and can potentially even make KARMA’s supply deflationary. The other 50% of Boost revenue will be used by KARMA ltd to continue to grow the KARMA ecosystem.

Boosted KARMA has a diminishing weight on a running 24-hour cycle. So if a user were to boost their post with 1,000 KARMA, 12-hours later, that post would have a boost weight of 500 KARMA. The boost weight is a crucial factor in how the popular feed is sorted.


Users can already send KARMA using the app, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Things just got a whole lot more interesting. In addition to being able to like a post and have the content creator earn from your like, users can now directly tip anyone, instantly, on the content that they want to reward. We’re excited with what we’ve seen so far. KARMA seems to be making its way to quality content.

Allowing users to directly tip their favorite content creators creates a frictionless, freedom of choice for the tipper and a direct, peer-to-peer connection between both parties.

This is just the beginning of what’s to come for this feature. Soon, users will be able to dynamically adjust the tip amount directly on the post as well.

Relevant Numbers For KARMA (As of Today)

KARMA Staked (Powered): 2,109,859,358 KARMA
Total Unique Accounts: 15,069
Daily Transactions: 47.6k
Boosted KARMA: 881,411 KARMA (First 36 hours)

Download KARMA Today:



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