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Benefits for the token stacking users

What is token staking?

For those who know about cryptocurrency, or at least heard about it from colleagues and friends, you may have heard of “Token Staking”. Stacking can be much easier to understand by learning about the “Unstaking” at the same time. Unstaking is simply not participating in the staking process, in which the tokens are not locked and it has mobility. On the other hand, staking is when the tokens are in a locked up position, not having any mobility, therefore it does not have any ability to be transferred.

So, what is the reason for staking?

What are the reasons that TEMCO tokens should be staked? One of the reasons for staking TEMCO tokens is that TEMCO promotes the growth of a healthy ecosystem.

The benefits of TEMCO token staking

TEMCO token staking users can receive more benefits as users who do not use the system increases. The benefits, in reality, can be divided into two portions, the benefits for the consumers and the benefits for the vendors.

The benefits of the Vendors

1. The bidding priority
While the vendors in the platform are selling their products, the staking vendors can have priority bidding for the click and high exposure sections.

2. Service fee and the BI tool service usage discount
The staking vendors can receive discounts on the service fees and the BI tool service usage.

3. Reward points earned from replies and comments
Vendors who stakes can earn points when they respond to inquiries and product reviews.

The benefits of the consumers

1. Points earned through the smart scan
When the consumers are purchasing products on the market platform, they can smart scan the product barcode to receive points.

2. Earning points through the product reviews
The consumers can write a review about the products that they have purchased, ask questions about specific products, and/or can respond to the questions that other users wrote or posted. For such contributions, the TEMCO points will be rewarded.

3. Earning points through reporting counterfeit sellers
The consumers can report counterfeit products and certain inorganic products and more that are distributed through the TEMCO supply chain management system. To avoid the unethical use of the system, the accuracy of the reporting rate has to be above 75 percent, in order to receive the points, as well as to filter out the unreliable reports.

4. Earning points through writing questions and responses
Not only the vendors but the consumers in the platform can earn points through answering questions from other users and asking questions.

Benefits in the GUHADA platform

In the GUHADA platform that TEMCO is currently in the process of developing, all the users can take advantage of the staking TEMCO tokens. The following describes the benefits that users can receive through staking TEMCO tokens, in the GUHADA platform.

1. Receive Cashback
Within GUHADA platform, TEMCO token staking users can receive cashback benefits.

2. Participate in Review and Community Q&A
TEMCO token staking users can participate 100 percent of the community activities in the platform. Especially, only TEMCO token staking users can participate in the product review and the Q&A section.

3. Upgrade to a VIP User in GUHADA Platform
In the GUHADA platform, the members are differentiated by the member level.

4. Receive Discounts on Selling Fees
Within GUHADA platform, when the vendor is selling the products, the TEMCO token staking vendors can receive discounts on the selling fees.

5. Receive a Discount on Product Ads
Throughout the GUHADA platform, including main page and community pages, there are advertising sections for the vendors to promote their products. TEMCO token staking vendors can receive a discount on the product ads.

6. Receive Shorter Statement Cycles
When the vendors sell their products on GUHADA platform, there is a simple accounting function that shows the weekly statement cycle automatically. Staking users can receive such benefits as automatically calculated weekly statements.

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