[BLOG] TEMCO and Mass adoption

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[BLOG] TEMCO and Mass Adoption

TEMCO is focused on the development of user-friendly service and application

For the past couple of years, blockchain technology has been viewed as an investment method. However, commercialization of the blockchain technology has been the popular topic this year, especially in the mass adoption, meaning, popular acceptance by the public about the recruitment of the users should be one of the main focuses of many blockchain projects.

How can blockchain mass adoption be accomplished

The most common events that occur is the adoption of blockchain technology by the companies that provide services certain services already, and transitioning users from the original service to the new blockchain based service.

So, how can TEMCO follow the trend?

Among the blockchain service providers, there are many cases that the services are provided in the areas of wallets, games, IT service in general. However, TEMCO’s services are not solely based on such existing services.

1. Aiming a target in existing areas

GUHADA is targeting secondary market for luxury goods. As mentioned in the previous article, South Korea has surpassed France, in sales and revenue of the luxury goods sales, and ranked 4th nation in the world for luxury goods sales. Even in the long term market situation, South Korea’s luxury goods market is growing exponentially.

The luxury goods sales are increasing disregarding the demographics. The sales of luxury goods are expanding regardless of age. Not only the 20s and 30s but also teens, middle age groups, and more diverse age groups are increasingly interested in luxury goods. In following, the diverse luxury goods consumers can enjoy the advantages of blockchain while shopping for luxury goods on GUHADA platform.

2. The wide range of TEMCO’s IT service target

TEMCO provides a diverse business model that covers a variety of IT services such as providing supply chain data management, sales of business intelligence tool and more. For the IT services, TEMCO is targeting the companies who wish to use blockchain based services but do not have specific or detailed knowledge on how to use them. Especially, TEMCO’s supply chain data management service is not limited

3. Development of User-focused dApp

As mentioned previously, the blockchain industry recently has been focused on the User-Experience (UX). To reach the goal of mass adoption of blockchain technology by everyday users, the blockchain industry needs to innovate on the user experience that even the users without much knowledge about the blockchain technology are able to use the technology conveniently.

To improve on the user experience of the blockchain technology, GUHADA provides 6 user-friendly services. GUHADA promotes the user-friendly module, convenient UI/UX services such as easy product search, convenient payment, and automatic application system, detailed record inquiry, seller administration page, integrated payment, and calculation module.

4. The partnership with Klaytn

TEMCO recently made a partnership with Ground X’s “Klaytn”. Through the partnership, TEMCO is supporting Klaytn in the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Kakao, the parent company of Klaytn has 50 million daily users and Ground X, has a user base of 400 million users. TEMCO can be a step closer to achieving blockchain mass adaptation with the user base secured by Kakao and Ground X.

Through the partnership, TEMCO is applying Klaytn’s blockchain technology to GUHADA, focusing on the development of a platform at another level.

As blockchain technology is actively being commercialized, the mass adoption of blockchain technology is becoming more and more competitive. In the middle of the storm, TEMCO is promoting mass adoption of the blockchain through solid user target, development of the user-focused dApp, and partnership with Klaytn.

TEMCO: Innovative Supply Chain Data Management and E-Commerce platform through Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology.

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