EOSIO Labs™ Release: WebAuthn Example Web App for EOSIO YubiKey Support

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This past weekend in Washington, DC at the B1June event, we announced EOSIO 2 updates on the horizon, which we hope will bring enhanced performance and support for the latest web authentication standards to EOSIO™. EOSIO 2, the next major version of EOSIO, will make using blockchain applications even easier for the masses.

Continuing in the spirit of open innovation through EOSIO Labs™, we have released a WebAuthn Example App to demonstrate how we intend to implement WebAuthn support for EOSIO.

This EOSIO Labs release follows suit of our recent releases focused on key and password management streamlining the EOSIO authenticator ecosystem. From the Assert Manifest Security Model to the Universal Authenticator Library, and our most recent release of iOS and Chrome Extension Authenticator Reference Applications, we are dedicated to exploring the future of seamless security on EOSIO.

Securing EOSIO blockchain applications with WebAuthn Support

WebAuthn is a new World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard accepted and pioneered globally by many major technology companies like Yubico, Google, and Microsoft, that enables secure authentication supported by all leading browsers and platforms.

To our knowledge, EOSIO is the first blockchain protocol to adopt the WebAuthn standard. As a new security standard approved by the W3C, we are excited to be pioneering its adoption within the blockchain community.

Bringing this standard to EOSIO opens up the possibility of more secure and seamless transaction signing for blockchain applications built on EOSIO. Rather than worrying about private keys, users will be able to sign transactions using their choice of standard hardware authenticators (rather than Chrome extensions or applications) such as the newly announced EOSIO YubiKey and built-in platform authenticators like fingerprint sensors and other biometrics.

More information about WebAuthn can be found at

WebAuthn Example Web App for EOSIO YubiKey Support

This example app is meant purely for demonstration purposes and should not be deployed in its current form into any production environments. It is meant to illustrate how an application running on a private EOSIO based blockchain could generate WebAuthn-compatible keys for users and request signatures from users with those keys to sign transactions.

This is facilitated by eosjs, a WebAuthn Signature Provider for eosjs, and the built-in browser Web Authentication API. The browser prompts the user to authenticate with their security key or built-in platform authenticator.

While users will have their choice of authenticator or biometric key that supports WebAuthn, we are excited to have announced that will be working with Yubico to provide EOSIO branded YubiKeys for EOSIO users and developers to use with blockchain applications. More information about the sale of EOSIO YubiKeys is available on the Build on EOSIO section of the EOSIO Website.

Existing Limitations to WebAuthn on EOSIO

As this is an example web app being released under EOSIO Labs, there are still a number of limitations we hope to work through before bringing this standard to full support in production environments. You can read more detail about these limitations in the WebAuthn Example Web App GitHub repository.

Most importantly, there is currently no way to display Ricardian contracts to users when using WebAuthn. For this reason, WebAuthn, when used in conjunction with EOSIO, should be used with caution and only on private chains and applications already trusted by the end user.

We will continue working to test and enhance WebAuthn support for EOSIO before its official release outside of EOSIO Labs. We believe that the answers to many of these limitations lie with the active and engaged EOSIO community. We hope that this open source release will inspire EOSIO developers to explore how this web security standard will impact the future of authentication on EOSIO based blockchains and applications.

If you have questions, suggestions, ideas, etc., get involved. We invite you to log issues or submit Pull Requests against this repo.

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You can also keep up to date with future announcements by subscribing to our mailing list on the new EOSIO website. We are excited to be regularly improving the usability of the software for EOSIO developers as we continue to lay a foundation for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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