Humanscape shared about its campaign ‘Beaming Effect’ at ‘Luniverse Blooming Day’

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Last March 19th, Humanscape participated in ‘Luniverse Blooming Day’ hosted by ‘Lambda256’ and shared about its campaign ‘Beaming Effect’. *Lambda256 is a blockchain lab run by Dunamu, which also operates one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges ‘Upbit’.

‘Beaming Effect’ is a fashion brand of Soo-young Choi, a Korean singer and actress. It was first launched to help raise awareness towards Retinitis Pigmentosa, retina-related rare disease, and to support researches for treatment. She is also a supporter of ‘Korean Foundation Fighting Blindness’, established by her dad who also suffers from RP disease. Every year, ‘Beaming Effect’ leads a brand campaign selling fashion merchandises, and all the money raised is donated for better researches. This year, Humanscape is building a HUM compensation process for campaign participants on blockchain using Luniverse, which will add better transparency and credibility to the donation.

Tae-woo Lee, CTO of Humanscape, giving a presentation at Luniverse Blooming Day.

Luniverse is a blockchain service platform that aims to help companies establish business using blockchain technology. The beta service was run for 7 months since last September, and the open beta will be officially launched this April 19th.

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