Instantly convert Verge Currency to cash with Paycent physical cards

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Partnerships with payment processors, payment gateways, and retail payment solutions are making Verge a currency in its true sense. With our partnership with Paycent, the gap between using fiat and Verge Currency is barely visible.

What we are currently seeing is that fiat is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Most of the global population still uses Fiat currency. Oftentimes people who hold cryptocurrencies (hodlers) aren’t able to easily spend it, never mind liquidate it, if they wanted too. These usage limitation makes adoption more difficult. Also, in an age of convenience, where Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, make things convenient, cryptocurrency unfortunately is the opposite.

The everyday person probably has their payment app, their banking app, and in some countries, a variety of mobile wallets for different fiat currencies. If this person was introduced to Verge, they might not be interested because of having to learn and use yet-again another wallet. With PayCent, this is removed.

Paycent is a mobile e-wallet with dual purposes; the same wallet stores both fiat and cryptocurrencies, like Verge. Solving the problem of too many wallets with one card. That’s not all PayCent does though, it provides an even greater benefit to its users.

Its true convenience comes from its crypto-to-fiat instant transactions that are backed by regulatory licenses in the UAE, Singapore and the Philippines. With an added bonus of acquiring an electronic money issuer license from the Philippines in order to allow for micro-financing.

Paycent Cards

Consider this — when you have a PayCent wallet you can chose from one of PayCent’s MasterCard, Union Pay International, or Union Pay China card. Then you can load it with the Verge Currency you hodl, or procured through the PayCent app. You can now use your card to withdraw Verge Currency as cash through ATMs! Even use your card to pay at your grocery store, or ANY store! And if you happen to walk walk into a store which accepts VergeCurrency, pay directly from the Paycent App.

Paycent is called the dual wallet app because, within the same app, your cryptocurrencies are grouped together as one and fiat as the other. Paycent allows for real-time conversion between the two seamlessly. As the waiting time for confirmation is taken care of by paycent, what you get is an immediate confirmation of traction, or the ability to instantly liquidate Verge as cash. This is the ease we are talking about.

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