#1 — This is the Beginning, April 2019

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#1 — This is the Beginning, April 2019

Let’s catch up! We have a few things to update you on.

Apr 5: Deconomy

Phil gave a killer pitch at Deconomy. It’s Korea’s premier blockchain conference and sees major thought leaders attend.

He announced the Aergo Mainnet launch on stage, right before Vitalik spoke!


Apr 15: Mainnet Launch

We launched the Aergo mainnet. The first hybrid enterprise blockchain to rival Hyperledger and Corda is ready!

We also ran a content campaign, 419, to explain what this major milestone means.

SEE 419

Apr 17: Aergo Enterprise

At the Mainnet launch event, Blocko’s CEO, Won, announced a new flagship product, Aergo Enterprise.

So, Coinstack: retired. And Blocko’s clients: offered a migration program!


Apr 25: Blockchain, IoT Expo

End April, the team took part in London’s 2019 IoT Expo (3,000+ attendees). Phil appeared on stage three times.

Also, the team had a great time at the booth showcasing Aergo!


Highlights: April’s Best

Ecosystem: Hyundai AutoEver

Hyundai A.E. announced working with Blocko on a massive project.


About the Aergo Mainnet

Our CTO, Hun, wrote a full rundown of everything to know about mainnet.


Live YouTube AMA

We did a live video Ask-Me-Anything with our C-level team.


Future Ambassador Program

After RewarDrop’s success, we are expanding with Knights of Aergo.


Join us on our Discord server for any technical inquiries. Visit our website to learn more about Aergo. View our source code on GitHub.

Stay up to date on our Twitter, Telegram, YouTube; and be sure to join our WeChat and Kakao communities.

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